February 9, 2011

Just Random

Bringing you all that is swirling around in my head today. And I don't actually live in a circus..it's all true..

Today I bought the kids new brightly coloured lunchboxes so I can trick them into eating their lunch....the cretins bring at least one thing home per day uneaten and it's driving me nuts!

Miss D (aged 10) isn't so bad but the other two come home starving then raid the fridge, snacking until dinner time when they inform me that they are "just not hungry"....

Tommorrow we are going basic until we have three empty lunchboxes..then the snacks will go back in....

I had a conversation today which gave me the idea of what I want for Valentines Day. And if that fails, I want it for our Wedding Anniversary.

As I have run out of my favourite perfume Joop, (the mans Joop is the one I adore), I decided to wear another fragrance today and it went a little like this):

The Hubbster walks into the computer room in which I sat:-

Him "What's that smell? I can smell fly spray".

He swears that he said this and not "You smell like fly spray".

FW "I'm wearing another perfume today".

Him "You smell like Mortein".

FW "You know where the chemist is. Joop is on special. Here's the car keys".

My facebook status today.....

Funniest thing I've seen in ages.. The Hubbster getting the wasp nest down off the clothesline first with a big stick and then with some spray hahahahahahaha...Gee he was brave..hehehehe.

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Dreaming said...

Oh, your lunchbox strategy made me laugh as I remembered my attempt...and my loss of the coveted 'Mother of the Year' award.
CS didn't finish all of his lunch. I put it in the fridge and put it back in his lunch the next day. I think I did it one more day. Finally CS made some comment about his juice (in a thermos) tasting fizzy and funny. I had given him juice that had turned to alcohol!! Oh, I'm so glad that he didn't tell his teacher - I would probably have been arrested for some sort of child endangerment!

Well, I guess you will be getting your Joop - sometimes the direct approach is the best - saves you from getting something practical like a vacuum or an iron!