February 2, 2011

Stay Safe Aussies

Cyclone Yasi is now a deadly, destructive category 5.

It's hard to believe it is coming and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

I am praying for my fellow Australians to stay safe and ride out the storm.

Read here about this event. There is alot of information explaining how powerful this Cyclone will be.

The destructive winds have already begun and it will get worse. I feel for the little children who will be scared in their parents arms in the evacuation centres.

This cyclone is so big and so wide that it covers such a large proportion of Queensland.

There will be a storm surge to consider as well.

Tommorrow morning we will know the devastation. I will bring you what we know then.


Mrs Woog said...

Terrifying. Please do not take any risks xo

Jandy xx said...

so scary, thoughts are with everyone in its path

Cate said...

scary stuff - I hope you are safe...please tell us tomorrow

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