February 1, 2011

How much more can we take??

Australia and my beloved state of Queensland has barely recovered from the recent devastating floods.

Look now what we have on our door step...

Oh my God. Cyclone Yasi is bigger than Queensland!

It is said to rival Hurricane Katrina.

Mass evacuations have already begun.

I have family in the area where the Cyclone is expected to hit...I hope they get out without delay.

I feel so scared for Australians in the direct line of the Cyclone. We experienced Cyclone Hamish two years ago and Larry before that, the wind and rain was incredible...and scary.

Even though Cyclone Hamish never made landfall, I can remember tying everything down, taping up windows and feeling quite stressed when it was coming..we were living in our shed and I worried that it would not hold up. We started to pack the car to travel inland but we were spared.

Here is that post.

I know what it is like to know that it is coming..to want to protect your family and your home and your possessions.

It looks like this one will make land fall.

It's a sickly feeling.

I'm not sure how much more we can take.

Stay safe Queenslanders..


Anonymous said...

I find it super scary too.
This rapid series of natural disasters is somewhat overwhelming me a little. I live in an area safe of most things (my personal primal fear is fire)but it's indeed close enough to be upsetting and Queensland had no chance to recover from the floods..
I hope your family will be ok!
(My husband is in Rocky, it's not on the path but they might get (flash)flooding. argh!)

Toni said...

I have family in its' path too, and it's awful knowing what's coming and not being able to do anything. And they'll be out of touch for days. No phone or internet, so we won't know how they are.
I'll be thinking of your family too.

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

Oh my! God bless everyone in it's path!

Dreaming said...

We used to live in coastal South Carolina and I remember, too well, pictures like that. As the storm approached everyone had heightened levels of energy, excitement and anticipation. We evacuated several times but luckily never were hit directly.
This cyclone is HUGE! Good luck to everyone - get out of dodge!

BushBelles said...

I have friends in its path as well. I feel sick in my stomach for them. It is a huge cyclone.

Katie said...

You Aussie's need a break.
Stay safe.
(I don't know if that helps a lot, but we're thinking of you here in the U.S.)

Unknown said...

I'm sure mother Nature has it in for QLD..
This Cyclone is huge..

Jane said...

It really is time for Mother Nature to take some time out. J x

Anonymous said...

yes, it's happening and there's nothing we can do about it... so praying people stay safe

sevencherubs said...

very scary and so sad. All we can do it pray that no one gets hurt and that people make wise decisions. N x

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

We got very dear friends at Airlie Beach to worry about, and a few pthers too. Just been watching the news, but there is nothing anyone can do except pray.