March 8, 2009

Bracing for Hamish

So I originally started this blog to document our journey from shed dweller to house occupier, but the pressing issue right now is Cyclone Hamish. After watching radar and cyclone track predictions, it's hard to say what will happen tommorrow. Right now it looks like the little devil will continue along the coast, heading out to sea, just a wee bit then come back in again. We are already getting some strong winds and dark skies and misty, only misty rain. It actually feels very eerie, to know that something will happen tommorrow.

I went shopping to get some supplies and there was excitement in the tinned food isle. So I stocked up on soups, ravioli and pasta and sauce, long life milk, fruit and veg,chips, bikkies and various other bits and pieces to help us ride out the storm. We won't know til tommorrow whether we need to evacuate, but the scouts say BE PREPARED so we are.

We tied the guinea fowl cage down, well the hubbster did, and as you can see, he used my pot plants for traction. Not sure where the flowers are now.
The skies as of Sunday late afternoon are looking like this:-

Go out to sea you little devil Hamish.

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