March 11, 2009

Bits about me ..

Now that the little devil Hamish has gone out to sea - for now, I can concentrate on getting this thing up and running. A few things about me:

1 I love going to the cinema alone, I would much prefer to go alone than with somebody.I love to spread all my belongings (bag, hat, food etc) over several seats so no one sits next to me.

2 I write with my left hand, but bat with a cricket bat the "right hand

3 Besides Australia, the USA is my favourite place.

4 I excelled in English at school, but sucked at science.

5 I wrote the best essays and short stories at school, with the teachers always commenting that I had a great imagination.

6 I should have been a writer.

7 Green is my favourite colour.

8 I once caught part of the torn shirt that Doc Neeson from The Angels threw into the crowd. I still have it.

9 From Dusk Til Dawn is my favourite movie.

10 My first kiss was behind E block at school. I missed the bus home.

I have had a busy day, doing farmers wife stuff. Fed the chooks, collected the eggs, fed the dogs, fed the guinea fowl 3 times, cleaned out the dogs run, played dollies on the floor with my darling little girl. Which brings me to my family. I have a husband (the hubbster), and 3 kids (who I will refer to as Miss D, Mr C and Miss T). I prefer to not use their real names, funny that I am writing a blog but I am still apprehensive about giving everything away. This is about me, how I am coping with the changes in our lives.

We have been looking at windows and french doors. So far we have figured out what type and where the windows and doors will go. The plans are with the engineers at present. The roof specs are to be changed, then we can get into the floor plan. The plans were approved when we brought the property, so we are just changing a few things, adding a room, taking out a wall etc. Making the place kid friendly. We have been living in our shed for nearly 5 months. Somedays I am over it, other times its okay. I want a house, I want a roof over my head that doesn't leak. I want to not see frogs and toads hopping across the floor. I want my precious, sentimental things around me again. noting that I already do have my hubbster and kids and they are my precious things.

I am not a very patient person. But I need to work on it, because it will be a long time until our house is completed. We hope to start building in winter, step by step, one floorboard at a time - literally. We plan to have a builder work on our house til lockup, then take over as owner builders. Then I suppose the fun begins......

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