March 12, 2009

Favourite photo day

It's raining. The kids are tearing around the shed, noisy and energetic. Waiting for the hubbster to come home from work so I can disappear and put the washing on, or wash the dishes, or sort out what the heck the kids will wear to school tommorrow. I don't mind, as long as the kids are in bed by Greys Anatomy. I hate bedtime, it always seems to turn into some kind of crazy ****fight where everyone refuses to do what they need to, and everyone yells or cries and my stress level rises. The kids just had some chocolate cake so they are running a bit faster tonight.

I thought I would make Thursday my pic of the day day. Something that I like at the time, or explains the current mood I am in. I have lots of photos to choose from. Heres todays:-

Need I say more. I adore this man. I actually named one of our male guinea fowl after him Antonio the guinea fowl but I don't know which one he is now as they all look like this:-

I think he is the handsome one there smiling at me.

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helloally said...

i wish i scrapbooked when the kids were little - it might have made me a bit more able to deal with bedtime (oh and dont get me started on bath time actually no bedtime was more stressfull) .. its like a huge stress zone bedtime and seeing as up until 5yrs ago we still lived in atwo bedroom home ...eeeep! so three kids in one room was a totaly disaster each and every day! and bedtime just compounded the stress levels! seriously when ER came isnt that mum time?? i must have been the only one that thoughtit...