March 14, 2009

An Incidental Moment

The kids are driving me a bit mental today. So much fighting, hitting and stirring each other to the point of mummy getting a headache. Does a family exist in Australia whose children behave like angels, that can be taken to the supermarket without all three having shopping basket races up and down the isles - damm those baskets on wheels. Some days we can shop in peace, other days the check out girls see us coming.

This afternoon, my younger two were actually playing nicely together, since we have a no tv rule now on weekends, they have to amuse themselves. We were getting to the point where if a dvd was on, they were robotic, and if a dvd was not on, they were still robotic. Warning bells - get these kids outside to play, to imagine, to pretend.

Mr C and Miss T played brilliantly, and the most amazing thing I noticed was the way they spoke to each other. Instead of yelling and teasing they were so pleasant and .... nice. I just loved that. They spent the afternoon filling the dogs dishes with grass, water, rocks and mud, arranged dolls and bunnies in a picnic type scenario, who was I to stop them. I left them to it, of course commenting on how lovely they were playing together praise praise praise.

Miss D was laying on my bed reading and listening to music. Her choice of the day - Garth Brooks, Maroon 5 and Brandi Carlile. What a great opportunity for some girl time as we call it. I layed down with her face to face and chatted about school, dance and... stuff.

I often get so caught up in my own world that I fail to take notice of the things that really matter. I can't remember the last time I looked at her face so closely. She has the most amazing, I mean amazing eyelashes. When she looks up they are so long they touch her eyebrows. She is beautiful, when she was a baby, people would stare at her eyes, so blue, so round.

I studied her, watched her expression as she talked about school. Her smile, the shape of her mouth, which was the first thing I noticed when she was born. After 25 hours of labour, after longing for a baby for so long, after wanting to be a mother.

I felt really emotional today, it has caught me a bit by surprise. Of course being the sap I am, I got teary. I just sometimes forget, no forget isn't the right word, I just sometimes don't appreciate how lucky I am to be a mother, to have the most wonderful, amazing, beautiful children. Who shouldn't be taken for granted. It stopped me in my tracks, a bit.

They are also very energetic, spirited, kind, funny and sometimes naughty, and do drive me to drink occasionally. A glass of wine does wonders on the farm. They love it here, they all have boots and gallop around like crazy because there is so much SPACE. As the shed is open, they tear around on their bikes, and make jokes about mummy letting them ride their bikes in the house. Yeah right, we don't have a house.

Which reminds me, we need to see the engineers this week to see if the plans for our roof line are finalised. Every day, the hubbster draws something, or measures a beam, or adds/subtracts to the finalised house plan. It's big business. We want this house to BE RIGHT. This is it. He is very particular and I just say that as long as I have my kid free craft room, you can call me snap happy.

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