February 3, 2011

Justin Who?

In the words of George Thoroughgood Get a haircut and get a real job......

In our house (shed) we love Justin Bieber.


According to Miss T (aged 5) Justin Bieber is hawt....

She blushes when I mention his name.

She looks at me and squints her eyes and grins and says "Maarmmm...."

She has a poster of him on the wall next to her bed and she giggled when I kissed him goodnight last week...

She says things like:

(as we drive past the skatepark) "mum there's some teenagers. Justin Bieber is probably there"

"Justin Bieber has nice hair."

"Justin Bieber has a nice hat."

"Justin Bieber wears a necklace."

"Baby, baby baby ohhhh".

She knows the words to his songs and dances away as she does in jazz class.

I for one would just like to know what the hell is going on with his hair? And why did I see exact replicas at the mall yesterday??

Here is a picture she drew and look at the similarities with the real thing -

I think she is too young to have a celebrity crush but that's the way the cookie crumbles today I'd assume.

I had several celebrity crushes when I was a tween and a teenager.....I had a wall full of posters and books full of hearts and undying love....my crushes included:-

Adam Ant...oh boy, did I have a thing for him...I still love the music of Adam and the Ants..it takes me back to the good old eighties music, camp and all....

The white stripe still gets me..

David Lee Roth...nom nom nom. Yes I could eat him up. Well I could have in his younger days...I saw him in concert in Canberra and I was so close to him I could have touched him.

I was a mad Van Halen fan.

Mad I tell you..

That lycra. That long blonde hair. Those high kicks. It was the eighties...remember.


Unknown said...

OMG you are tooo funny. A friends daughter (14yrs old) got a xmas present of a ticket to his concert. Her walls are lined with his posters, she takes his CD with her everywhere. It's funny how smitten they all are with him. (truly can't see why myself!)

Farmers Wifey said...

I think it has to do with his..umm...hair....

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Clearly the 80's were very unkind to your taste in men!!
My children (4 of them aged 7 to 12) actually think Justin is a try hard & his hair is ridiculous & so far, haven't even thought to put a poster up of anyone. I'm pretty thrilled.
My husband came back from Afghanistan & saw Justin on television & said "Justin who" & i loved him a little bit more, so i'm guessing no JB concert for Australian troups??
The hair, don't get me started, mercifully my nephews aren't copying it, but shaggy hair, i hope my son keeps it short, or i might be one of those crazy mums who cuts it in his sleep?? Love Posie

Farmers Wifey said...

Thats a great idea to cut it in his sleep..he will never know maybe...hey I was IN LUURVE with David Lee Roth....that lycra.....

Toni said...

I loved Adam too. Bought my THIRD copy of 'Kings of the Wild Frontier' recently. Kids aren't sure what to make of it.

Ms. G said...

I Loved Adam Ant! Strangely enough my 23 year old daughter loves him too. She bought his records at a flea market and says she doesn't even care if he's old and crazy now, he can come live with her : )

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

My almost 6 year old niece is Justin Bieber crazy! Too funny.

Polly said...

I am eternally grateful that my boys are too young for Bieber Fever!!

Unknown said...

As tragic as it sounds, and as ashamed as I am to admit it - I was a Hanson fan. Ugh, typing it now makes me a feel a bit silly...and yet still giddy in a girly, teen way. My friends and I were seriously hard core fans. I can't even go into details because your laughter will most likely cause you to have convulsions.
I have no idea who Adam Ant and David lee Roth are - not even the pictures helped. I'll Google them.

sevencherubs said...

oh! my! killing myself over David - now that I look at that picture of him - what the heck! were we all thinking? just totally laughed about the high kicks...classic.

my kids love Justin too but none of the girls blush about him they just love the songs and Nathan so loves to tease them about it. thanks for the laugh. Naomi x

Anonymous said...

haha! your crushes give away your age :b (no worries, am pretty close)
that is hilarious with her Biebermania. I was pleased to hear he finally has cut his hair a bit, I am fearing that today's youth will have severe neck damage to all the cool shakin' otherwise pretty soon.
my son informed me not long ago that girls in a bikini on tv are 'hot because it's hot' and had a weird giggle about that.
he has also picked up on the teenage fashion to pull his pants down on his hips because 'you have to see the top of the undies'.
ah. do you? 0_o he's 5.
fun years ahead.
hey, did your blog have a makeover? or is it because i read mostly in google reader... cool header :)

Ash said...

I love her picture! Its brilliant!

EmmaK said...

I hear you! my seven year old thinks Bieber's hair is 'cool' - I just think it is so uncool. But luckily she hasn't hassled me to go to a concert yet. I feel sorry for the poor lad. They say his career may soon be on the skids as his voice is now breaking!

Glow said...

Bieber fever annoys the hell outta me. Can't stand the kid. I feel strange listening to someone who isn't old enough to have gone through puberty, singing about love. I'm such a nanna.