March 12, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts Week 10

I was totally ready to use my free pass this week because of how unfocused I've been. I fully expected my weight to have increased through the roof because I have literally had NO TIME to even think about it. This week I've:-

Not had time for blogging

Worked 4 days

Work meetings

Right after work I've collected the kids from school and driven into town for dancing (three days) and football (one day).

See, I work alot, but I totally take my hat(s) off to full time working mums, you are amazing.

Arriving home some nights after 8pm.

Somehow managed to feed the family without giving in and buying takeaway.

Provided somewhat healthy (ish) lunchboxes for school.

Received some really bad news about my Nanna, which has resulted in the changing of my travel plans to enable me to visit my family after The Conference.

Trying to write up a check list for each day I'll be away at The Conference, so The Hubbster doesn't lose his mind while I'm gone.

Realised that I'll be gone for 5 DAYS, the longest I've been away from my babies. I miss them already.

Went shopping once to buy a new shirt and black pants so I look amazingly chic at the conference.

I'm yet to find the "right" white shirt.

Did lots of homework with the kids, which frankly annoys me. I hate homework, and because we have afterschool activities it stresses the kids out too.

Did you see exercise in the list above? No I didn't either. I know if I had time to exercise my weight loss would be quicker but I've decided to focus on The Conference and get back into it when I get home.

My weight loss chart looks like this:-

Start 70.5 kg
Week 1 69.7 kg
Week 2 69.9 kg
Week 3 69.3 kg
Week 4 69.9 kg
Week 5 70.3 kg
Week 6 70.1 kg
Week 7 68.7 kg
Week 8 68.6 kg
Week 9 68.9 kg
Week 10 68.6 kg

I'm not quite sure how I'm managed to lose weight this week. But I'll happily take it!

And I plan to enjoy myself next week at The Conference so I may be in need of that Free Pass afterall!


Leontien said...

well my new best friend is my new treadmill.... But in order to find out what i weigh, i need a scale....

As soon as i have that, i'll be read y to rock and roll!

Hope you have a better week next week!


Dreaming said...

Sometimes when you don't dwell on losing weight...and when you are so darn busy the fridge isn't right there staring at you and calling your name, you magically lose weight.


Have a great time at the conference.
I'm sorry to hear that you received bad news - but glad that you can work in a trip to see your family.

Anonymous said...

I've been having a lot of trouble finding nice shirts fullstop. It so hard to find nice ones a kmart and target lol

and Yay! for your weigh in this week :)

Cate said...

You are really solidly in those 60's now aren't you!! Well done you...sometimes a really busy week is just as good as a week at the gym - exercise is all treadmills and bikes afterall!!
PS: I'm bring all mine with me this time - so won't have to worry about separation anxiety :-)

Kellyansapansa said...

So sorry to hear you've had bad news, but well done on the loss!

Romina Garcia said...

A loss is a loss!! I find that when I'm focused on other things, the weight seems to lose itself.
Hope to meet you at the conference!
ps - sorry about the bad news x

Rosie said...

That is great No 70's for weeks woo Hoo. I know you have been busy and have a lot on but remember.........

What good thing happened to you today:-)

Tracy said...

Great news about the weight loss! Sounds like you have had a busy, busy week so well done. Very sorry about your Nanna, but it is good that you can incorporate a visit to your family after the conference.

sevencherubs said...

Great work Michelle. You are still dropping the weight and I love it. you know I am thinking of you at this time and hope everything works out well for your Nanna. So looking forward to meeting you soon. N x

Jane said...

Look at you go- well done. Sounds like you haven't had time to put on any weight!
Have a brilliant time at the conference- wish I was going- would LOVE to be there!
Jane x
PS- Nearly touching David Lee Roth??? Swoon.....

Toyin O. said...

Congrats on your weight loss, keep up the good work:)

Annette Piper said...

Way to go! Congrats on the loss - maybe you were so busy you didn't have time to eat, let alone badly! Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

What a week you have had. I hope that this week is better for you in terms of sanity but just as productive weight-loss wise.
See you in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

It's probably because of all the running about you've done. I think I should spend less time sitting in front of a computer, I might lose some weight too!!

CJ xx

Unknown said...

another very late link up! :)

Sorry to hear about the bad news!

Congrats on the loss!!