April 18, 2011

And she danced.

We had a weekend away.

My big girl and I.

She danced at an Eisteddfod in the groups section in 5 different categories.

The dancing was amazing. So many talented girls and boys.

Miss D's groups did very well, with 3 firsts and 2 thirds. Firsts in National, Contempory and Cabaret.

There is something about watching my firstborn dancing on stage. That exquisite familiarity.

It's almost as if I'm watching myself.

I felt giddy with anticipation as I waited for her to start.

And then she was there.

She was so beautiful.

Her smile. How she danced.

Her confidence.

Her eyes.

In some of her groups there were a dozen other dancers.

But I couldn't take my eyes off her.



Cate said...

that's so beautiful. I've been known to have a little cry with pride when my big girls dance on stage - they always look so young and tiny up there. It can be nerve wracking - but always wonderful :-)

Dreaming said...

Proud momma... and rightfully so!
Isn't it great to see your kids "becoming"?!
Thanks for sharing!

E. said...

Congratulations to your big girl.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously a proud mum! And quite right too. How wonderful, sounds like a fabulous weekend. I love watching Amy in school plays, it's a very proud moment.

Lovely post.
CJ xx

Natalie said...

I ALWAYS cry at my daughter's ballet concerts - without fail. I cry when I watch her dancing, and looking exactly like every photo of my ballet concerts.... I cry when I realise how big she has grown... I cry when I watch the "big girls" dancing because it doesn't feel like so long ago I was teaching htem at age three.... I will probably cry when I get back on stage this year!

River said...

I remember that pride, I watched my grandchildren at their ballet concerts.