April 2, 2011

Battle of the Blogger Butts

Opps. Me bad.

I completely forgot to weigh myself this morning.

It probably had something to do with the fact I was out the door early this morning, running to a birthday party.

As we have football (at 8.30am, who set THAT time) and another birthday party tommorrow, I shall endeavour to weigh in before I leave and I'll post when I can.

I'm not expecting to have lost any weight. I've fallen off the wagon and I just can't seem to stay on.

Maybe I need a seatbelt.

I'm so tired.

I met a mum in the supermarket on Thursday who told me I looked so tired, and she always sees me running here and there, dropping kids at school, collecting kids early, running here and there, not stopping to take a breath....

(Maggie Smith)
I plan to post more on this issue this week because it's been on my mind - the rushing around that I do.....stay tuned.

I've done no exercise (see above) and I'm eating whatever the hell I want.. I'm sure that little bit of weight I lost may have found me again....

We'll see tommorrow.

How was your week??
Edit: Weighed in this morning at 68.3kg..I've put on half a kilo, so that's not as bad as I expected....


sevencherubs said...

Oh! gorgeous you are pushing yourself too hard. I am sure when you get on the scales you will be surprised at how well you have done. you have been dropping that blogger butt in a spectacular way! cut back, chill a little more and make some time for you. *hugs* Naomi x

Christy Franklin said...

I've done so great, that I have no desire to blog about it... if that makes you feel better?

And for the entertainment factor - my 'word verification' for this comment is 'spermis'. Made me chuckle.

Cate said...

But you can't really fall off the wagon when you are so aware of what you are doing. Sometimes we need to cut ourselves a little slack to get through a tricky time - like the last weeks of term always seem to be endlessly hectic. And no-one can be perfect when they are running themselves ragged!!!
Time to slow down. I hope my midweek motivation post is on point for you this week - and I hope you find some of the links inspiring :-)
have a nice slow weekend my friend

btw my verification word is 'cactuz' - sounds appropriate!!

Torkona said...

ohhh, look at the little doggy :)

i forget the last time I exercised, usually its only a run done my hallway, but then the wife gets pissed off and tells me to stop it.. so, I do and blame her if I am gettin a bit pudgy :-) hasnt gone done well yet, but im still trying hehehe.

but, I wanted to let you know, the award you tried out for the other month is back on again.

The Torkona Award II - Your First Born Birth Story

thought you might be interested. you came close last time :)

keep up the good posts!

- tork

Annette Piper said...

I repeatedly fall off the weight loss wagon. Damn wagon is rolling along and I can't seem to get back on either. Quiet aware of it, just can't seem to speed up enough to hop on up!

Cheeseboy said...

I've read that it is definitely difficult to lose weight if you are stressed/overwhelmed. Time to destress, my friend.

Tracy said...

I think you're being too hard on yourself! I hope you managed to grab some time for you over the weekend.

PS My word verification was hugla, which is pretty apt too x {hugs}

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks for the support guys..and now to see what my word id is....since you have had some great ones..

Mine is.....stsph. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I hope that you find a way of simplifying things so that you get a chance to find time for you.
Hang in there. Del xx

Good Company said...

Don't you get a weekend write-off? It's just not realistic to stay on track when everyone's home. I don't know what a half a kilo is, but I hope it's just a teeny, tiny little bit of somethin. Good Luck this week!

I don't think anyone should be allowed to tell another person they look tired...case in point: