April 3, 2011

House Update. Yeah we're still building.

I'd love to bring you a house update.

I've had so many new followers (thank you guys ♥) who probably wonder why the heck I'm living in a shed.

You can read all about The Beginning here.

So we have been living on our farm, in our shed for two and a half years. Some days I can barely believe how we are living, but everyone is happy, the kids have space, they ride the quad bike around the 75 acres, and it is.....peaceful.

I love it.

So back to the house, or The Money Pit as we like to call it. We are now wiring the house, after alot of thought about lights, fans and switch placement.

Once the wiring is in place internally and on the verandahs, The Hubbster will be scooting around underneath the house on a trolley cabling up the power.

He will probably want me to help him with that. I can hardly wait. (Insert Sarcasm Here).

Here are the floors with the edges already rough sanded.

Then we will be doing the internal fitout, polishing the floors (the edges have already been done), the plumbing, the walk in robes, the wall panelling, the chair rails, the doors......

I'll stop there because it's just too confronting thinking of how much there is to be done. At least we are making progress and I can see an end to our neverending! kinda bad camping trip that we call The Shed.

Can you guess what this is above? It's not some kind of medieval torture device or some kind of kinky bedroom toy.

I'll tell you tommorrow but don't wait for a prize because I'm a bit slack like that.


Kakka said...

It is used to hold the plasterboard up on the ceiling - only reason I know is I saw one in our house when they redid the kitchen. Well it looks like the same thing anyway.

Thanks for sharing the photos - can't wait to see the end result, you guys are so lucky that at the end you will have a wonderful family home. xxx

Veronica said...

Ooooh, progress!

Cate said...

We built a few years ago so I know your pain (it even involved a little bit of legal wrangling if you know what I mean - such fun!)

And, yes, I often think we need some sort of sarcasm font for these sorts of occasions!!

Still, progress is progress...keep going!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh you are building my dream. Watching keenly so i can avoid your dramas, issues & learn from experience. Whatever the yellow thing is, i'm sure i need one!! Love Posie

Mrs Catch said...

I go with the plasterboard holder-upper. They used one in our garage.

You have a lovely wooden floor and a roof! One day, you'll look at these pictures and marvel at how patient you were.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

It's a drywall lift.
So you aren't killing yourself holding the dry wall and trying to nail/drill at the same time. Been there done that! I'm a rehabber.

You're home will be lovely. Can't wait to see the end.....but i'm sure not as much as you! :-)

Dreaming said...

Since we are in week 11 or 12 of renovation... I can understand how long it takes to get things done, when you are doing them yourselves. It will be so worth it in the end... and just think of all of the great memories you and your kids will have about living in the shed!

AJ-OAKS said...

My guess for the last pic id a wire runner. Kind of like those garden hose wheel things.
Before you know it you will be living in the house you built! And how cool is that!
I can 'see' all the future conversations about the house.
Have fun!

Foursons said...

Electricity is a big step! Congrats!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Hmmm... I have no idea what that yellow thing is. I'm trying to muster up a guess... but I've got nothing.

You'll get there, and be moved in soon, and what a wonderful day that's going to be! x

Good Company said...

You are 2 1/2 times more patient than I would be! I hope all the dreams you fill it with will come true. YAY!

CB and I could never build. We have a problem communicating the pictures in our heads. Plus, we are both non-confrontational and would be taken for a ride by contractors.

Alannah said...

looking lovely....and I can give you a contact to help you have lovely sanded and polished floors, if it all gets too much to do yourself...mine have just been done again and look so beautiful.

Jessica said...

At least you have 75 acres for the kids to play on. The pictures of the house so far look good.

Be A Fun Mum said...

Ooo, ooo -- looks soooooooo lovely!!!!!! Just perfect for you... Thanks for the update.