April 4, 2011

The kids are alright.

You guys are really smart! The answer to yesterdays photo of the kinky sex toy (now that got your attention) is that it is a plasterboard lifter for the verandah ceilings.

It can be tilted to put the boards on without having to lift them high and ruin your back, and then apparently you wind it up and the plasterboard is held in place to be secured.

I can't wait to use it. Reeeallly.

Anyway, what an interesting couple of days.

I'm actually surprised that I managed to get a meal on the table this weekend.

After Fridays lasagne episode, I proceeded to drop a tray of oven chips on the floor on Saturday night, and on Sunday, had to drive back into town to the supermarket to buy supplies for the lasagne second attempt.

Even though I was already have way through making it.

It's 7.30pm and the kids are in bed. That's a strange statement but the way they have carried on today and treated each other I had no alternative but to put them to bed early.

They haven't stopped fighting from the moment their feet hit the floor this morning until now.

They do get along. Occasionally.

But lately they only have to breath in the same direction as one another and it's political disorder.

I think Miss T actually growled at me this morning before she even got out of bed.

How the hell did I upset her overnight??

I would love a feeling of harmony in our family. Where everyone gets along and is kind to one another.

I know that is possibly a rare thing to find.

For kids to get along perfectly all of the time. And a mother who says that they have this is either lying or kidding themselves.

Or extremely fortunate.

But I would just love my kids to love one another, to be kind to one another, to not elbow the next while walking past, to not breath in the others direction, to not call the other one a brat, to not want the toy the other one has, to keep arms and feet to themselves, to behave in Bunnings and Lincraft and to give mummy a break.

The funny thing is, when I am just about to blow my curly haired top, they amazingly start to get along. Just to annoy me further.

And the other thing is that if one was in a situation at school or at the park and needed help, the others would rally around and protect.

After all, we are family.


Princess Kate said...

Yes, would be nice, wouldn't it? I find that mine start acting like this when I haven't been paying them enough attention. What I need to do then is sit and watch TV with them to chill us all out. Worked a treat tonight!

But then other times, I've tried this and spend individual time with them and they still fight like cats and dogs! Go figure!

Farmers Wifey said...

Yes I know what you mean..they need one on one or actually just time with me as a group. And that is half the problem I think. We are so busy with our lives and the kids "things" that we are rush rush RUSH.

That's all going to change soon and hopefully their attitudes will too xx

Kakka said...

I had that hope all through the years my children were growing up - never really happened, well maybe once or twice. Even as adults they sometimes make me shake my head. But they are always there for each other in the hard times, and really that is when it really counts.

But as a mother - I hear what you are saying, and early to bed is always a good option (for us anyway).

Bri said...

I remember when I was younger and my brother and I were positively awful to one another at times (or a lot of the time as teenagers!) Now I'm all grown up I feel so awful for my poor parents.

We get along brilliantly now ;)

Dreaming said...

I think the kid thing resolves itself with distance. My guys got on each other's nerves until one went away to college. Then they appreciated their togetherness more. But.... that isn't always practical. So... sending them to bed early is the next, best alternative. ;-)

AiringMyLaundry said...

My kids have been arguing most of the day so I know how it goes..

Good Company said...

Sounds like they are average and more than alright. Can I pass on a invaluable piec of counsel I received once? As a mother it isn't your job to make someone (kids) happy. It's your job to validate their feelings and help them with their communication skills so they can learn to solve their own problems. That TOTALLY created a paradigm shift for me!

P.S. You are welcome to join us in our new weekly meme. View your invite and info here:


Super Sarah said...

Great post, I also loved the way you talked about handling the "lasagne incident". Its all too easy to forget to treat our children with the respect they deserve even when they are behaving like little monsters! I think its this time of year to be honest, the change in seasons, the weather, something. Because everyone I know is having a tough time with their children at the moment. My girls play together so nicely, until they don't and then I find myself shrieking at them. Its time I just stopped what I was doing and went over and played with them for a while and then they are fine again. xx

Be A Fun Mum said...

My kids are driving me nuts at the moment! Bickering everywhere! But then, they meet for lunch at school and want to sleep in eachother's room??

I have to go because I've been reading your blog and I may have burnt the mince!