April 14, 2011

Somethings Gotta Give

As we come to the end of a very busy first school term, and sit on the edge of a most welcome 12 days holiday Easter break, I feel I have to write this post which has been in the back of my mind for a while.

I'm tired.

I'm tired of rushing.

Of feeling stressed. Of not being able to enjoy the little things because I have to be somewhere or I have to be doing something.

I'm a busy mum. I have three children. I work part time. The kids have after school activities. We are building a house. Ourselves. We have our farm. I'm supposed to be exercising........

Something has got to give.

I remember last week, when we arrived home just on sunset. I commented to my daughter how lovely it would be to sit on the front steps of the house (or The Money Pit as we like to call it) and watch this amazing sight.

The little things. We didn't watch the sunset because we had to rush to do something. Or to be somewhere.

And I find that very sad.

If I peel back the layers of my life and sit and observe..I see a mum who is rushing around...with kids doing homework in the car....a mum who is staying up way too late just because she has the stillness of the night....

I know I am not the only one who feels this way. As a good friend recently commented " I feel like I am putting bandaids on all parts of my life". This is how it is for me.

My time management skills are lacking so the things that I NEED to do for me, just don't get done.

My guitar has dust on it.

I haven't scrapbooked for.....?

My new sewing machine still sits in its box.

And it's not only about me.....as a family I can't remember the last time we played tennis, and we always played together at least once a week.

When do I sit on the floor and build with Lego with the kids?

It's not acceptable.

But it's life.

There will be some changes soon....a few less activities....and just some chill out time at home.

I need to discipline myself to go to bed at a reasonable time and get some sleep.

I am really looking forward to the Easter Holidays. To spend time with the kids at the movies, at the Magical Gardens (the Botanical Gardens - our favourite place) and with a picnic or two thrown in.

And to sit on the steps of our unfinished house and watch the sunset.


Cate said...

This feeling is exactly why I started my blog in the first place. To make sure I achieved just one thing each day that I could look at and know was meaningful (or at least productive) and be proud of that!
Thank goodness for the holidays - a great chance to recharge and re-evaluate.
Enjoy the botanical gardens :-)

Princess Kate said...

I think after school activities are over-rated, especially when you also have to take homework into account. There are only so many hours in the day.

And cooking! That's the bane of my life. It used to stress me no end having to cook all the time. So now we have very simple meals. Hot dogs, pumpkin soup, bolognaise. I cook one big batch of something once a week and then we have a variety of frozen meals on hand. The kids don't care that it's repetitive. They have limited tastes and I can't be bothered.... Life's too short...

Super Sarah said...

I second everything Dorothy said! My girls are still little but I have seen friends struggle to balance the after school activities along with homework and household jobs. This is our last year before Amy starts school and we are enjoying every late start, relaxed afternoon, thrown together meal! I think its great that you have said enough is enough and you are ready to make some changes. That sunset would be even better enjoyed with your family and a glass of wine!

G said...

We are on the edge here too... long school term... long school runs... sometimes it's madness, but other times it's so slow the girls threaten to strangle each other. 'Balance'... that word just keeps coming up... gxo

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks guys...the kids only have 1 activity each but its dancing that is broken up into 3 different days..so that's what is making us busy..but she loves it so I won't change it. We will however manage our time better and just slow down..xox

I think it is good for kids to have something of interest besides school but I agree there has to be balance...my eldest wants to do this and that and I say "not on your life, you are busy enough!!"

Good Company said...

It is a busy time of life for you right now. Sometimes it is very healthy for everyone to cut back, cut down, simplify, and then slowly add things back in if desired. I remember always looking for a carpool for everything. Kids can get stressed out, too, with all the extras.

"maintain an even strain" One of my mottos. :) Enjoy your Easter break!

Christy Franklin said...

I've been feeling the same my friend. I said to my husby this week that we need to start saying NO to things... and then I realised, all the things we have planned, we have to go to. Even when I do have a little bit of free time here and there, because I am feeling so under pressure and tense, I can't utilise that time. It seems I've forgotten how to be free.

Hopefully you can unwind a little on your holiday and the kids get along just dandy :)

Megan Blandford said...

I generally hit this point leading up to Christmas - but one day when I have kids at school I think it might happen more often!

Good luck with scaling back and enjoying the little things. x

Ms. G said...

I've been feeling this way too. So much 'important stuff' that the little things get lost. Watch that sunset. Each one is a few moments that never happen again.

Rosie said...

If you go to the gardens on the weekend and want to chat to a grown up let me know, likewise with that sewing machine. Give notice and we can schedule a sewing date.