May 25, 2011

For Clara

The service for my Nanna was held in our beautiful Cathedral.

This is where my parents were married, where I was christened and confirmed, and where my fathers funeral was held.

It was also where I sat one rainy afternoon, a couple of days after my dad had died, looking for some kind of comfort at the most distressing time.

It's beautiful inside. And cold.

The church was full for Nannas' service. I moved to the microphone to support my cousin who was reading the eulogy.

We walked outside into the grey skies and the rain. I watched as my mother mourned for her mother.

That invisible cord that bound them together was no more.

My job for the day was supporting her.

I hugged my cousins and my aunts and uncles. The priest said to me "there is alot of you, isn't there".

I secretly smiled because that statement had so much power.

We have a big family. We have gone our separate ways. But we come together in times like this for each other.

It rained at the cemetery and it was so sad. I looked down at Nannas coffin, lowered in the ground and hoped she wasn't too cold.

She layed next to her husband in peace.

I held it together most of the day. I cried when I said my final goodbye as I dropped a red rose into the ground.

And when her Elvis was played, I came undone.


Anonymous said...

Terribly sad time for you. I suspect you will have many wonderful memories to help you get through the grieving process, along with your family.

CJ xx

ClaireyHewitt said...

Strong families are a true blessing. I hope you can find comfort in the shared grief.

PS I always wished I was called Clara, such a regal sounding and beautiful name. I bet it matched your Nanna too.

Mrs Catch said...

So, so sad for you. Your family sounds wonderful

Mimsie said...

You expressed that so beautifully and I felt for your mother and the rest of your family. It is so difficult saying goodbye to a loved one and you had Mother Nature crying along with you as well as it rained. You are so fortunate to have a large loving family.

Unknown said...

Sorry for your loss, but thank you for sharing your moment. I actually find it quite fitting when it rains at funerals as it mirrors the sadness I feel. xx

Kakka said...

So sorry for your loss, so glad you all could come together to celebrate your Nanna's life and love. Hope you Mum is okay. xxx

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