May 1, 2011

What did we do today?

It was such a brilliant sunny day today....the peace and fresh air was just divine.

I thought I'd tell you about our day. We woke late and did some grocery shopping in the morning.

The Hubbster spent the day underneath the house (oh that's where our computer chair is) wiring in the powerpoints and running cables....

I decided it was a good time to clean some window frames and window screens in the new house. The dirt and dust needed to be wiped away so as not to stain the aluminium.

A glass of wine was also called for!

Can you see the difference after cleaning?

We did some of this.....

And then I thought it a great idea to let the three kids loose in the kitchen making cupcakes.


I hovered around taking photos waiting for the carnage..but..they did so well.

I love this last photo of all the helping hands...

Tune in tommorrow for the finished result!


Cate said...

And clever ol' hubbster...that'll save his back :-)

brismod said...

Productive day. Your post reminds me that I've got windows to clean too!!! xx

ClaireyHewitt said...

Mine would have eaten the mixture, it wouldn't have made itmto the oven, but I must admit that I am also keen on the mixture.

Dreaming said...

Sounds like you had a busy day...especially considering that you said you got a late start!
Love your hubby's conveyance under the house - clever! What a back breaking job!

Good Company said...

Work and fun? -- always a satisfying day. LOL at the computer chair.