May 19, 2011

Win a New Ford Territory for a Year and $5,000

When I found out I had to write a blog post around the topic of "drive", I thought to myself:- "well this is right up my alley, or my long, steep craggy dirt driveway!".

You see, I live out of town. Hence my name Farmers Wifey.

We live on 75 acres in the glorious country. It takes around 10 minutes to drive to school, that's one kilometre down our steep craggy dirt driveway.

Here's my first vlog of my driveway. It's totally ridiculous and amateurish.

Then one kilometre along our dirt road, then around eight kilometres into town to our school.

It also takes half an hour to drive into town, where our children have their social lives.

This includes music and sports such as dancing, gymnastics, football and the skatepark. If I want to drive to the movies, it takes around 35 minutes. If I want to go shopping, it's the same.

We do hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kilometres each week!

We drive over this railway crossing over 40 times a week.

Oh this one as well.

And we drive across this creek crossing over 40 times a week.

Except when it is flooded like this. Then we stay at home and watch dvds.

(I wonder does Ford make boats? I must look into that.)

What am I telling you here? We live in our car!

The kids occassionally do their homework in the car, or play their electronic game consoles.

We need to pass the time from one activity to another. Our car is like our second home.

This is my life.

The kids and I love to play games in the car, while driving in for our shopping, dancing or football, or driving to school in the mornings...

We refer to the first game as "the movie quote game".

We take it in turns to...well...say quotes from movies we love and see who can guess which movie we are referring to.

It's kinda like, I'll say: "Hello, my name's Bruce" "Hello Bruce"......from Nemo or

"You didn't file your paperwork"......from Monsters Inc or

I do the funny noise the bird makes in the movie UP which usually has the kids in hysterics..

The second game we play is the one I like to refer to as "Lets say how awesome Mummy is".

I start off by saying something in a singing tone and the kids repeat, like this:-

F/W Mummy is awesome

Kids Mummy is awesome

F/W Mummy is beautiful

Kids Mummy is beautiful

F/W Mummy cooks nice dinners

Kids Mummy cooks nice dinners

F/W Mummy is skinny

Kids Mummy is skinny

F/W Mummy's a good dancer

Kids Mummy's a good dancer

F/W Mummy's smarter than Daddy

Kids Mummy's smarter than Daddy (by now the kids are hysterical).......

The last game is a new one...we start off by singing the iconic song "The Wheels on the Bus" and in the verses we make reference back to "our" family.

Here, I'll show you:-

The wheels on the bus go round and round round and round, round and round The wheels on the bus go round and round All the way to town The people on the bus go up and down up and down, up and down The people on the bus go up and down All the way to town

Then we continue on with verses starting with:-

The tweens on the bus go yeah whatever or

The mummies on the bus go do your homework or

The boys on the bus go Ben 10 rocks or

The mummies on the bus go clean your room or

The kids on the bus go it's not my stuff or

The daddies on the bus go get off the computer or

The mummies on the bus go where's the wine or even

The mummies on the bus go kids you're busted

As you can see, we spend alot of time in the car.

A typical day for me would be loading the three kids into the car, all across the back seat, squashed in together. See how happy they look.

We drive in to school and I carry on to work. I use the car several time in my day driving to houses for inspections and back to school at 3pm.

We then drive back home, get changed and head off into town for sports and social activities. The kids, not mine.

The first stop could be singing lessons.

Then we might continue to the skate park while the girls go to dancing and gymnastics.

We sometimes get home after 8pm.

Because we spend so much time driving, I need a car with good seating flexibility, where I can spread out the kids so they keep their hands and feet to themselves.

And they don't fight.

I also need loads of boot space for the scooters, school bags, dance bags and smelly football boots.

And I need a cup holder or two for my water and for my hot chocolate to keep me hydrated during the endless hours I spend driving.

And I also need some awesome fuel economy because I'm not spending all of my hard earned cash at the petrol station.

This is what I need. The New Ford Territory.

Do you think my Akubra will go with this?

This is my entry in the Kidspot/Ford Top 50 Bloggers Comp. I'd love your vote.

So tell me, do you drive. Do you spend alot of time in YOUR car?


M said...

I spend alot of time in my car too..I need a tv. Or a very good radio..

G said...

We spend a ridiculous amount of time in our car too, the school/kindy run alone takes over an hour. That's a lot of time I could be doing something more productive, but... that's country life for you! gxo

Farmers Wifey said...

@ M a tv and some wine and nibblies would be nice. Only if you're a passenger of course!.

@ Georgie Oh I'm glad I'm not the only one..yes I agree, it's a sacrifice we make for living out of town, the time we spend in the car. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Unknown said...

You definitely need a bigger car with really good 4wd capability and fuel economy :) Good luck!!!

Farmers Wifey said...

Oh yes, I totally agree. I need a new Ford Territory!!

Thank you for commenting, can you send me the link to your blog so I can comment??

Torkona said...

great post! :-)

hmm, wouldn't mind me a new car myself!

- tork

Maxabella said...

You definitely need the Terror. It could take on that creek in a jiffy.

We aren't in the car that much, but when we go for long drives I am SO pulling out your three brilliant games (especially the Mummy is Awesome game). x

PS - Absolutely voted for you. Twice. As I explained on 1000 Homes site, I have had to vote for my faves twice because I voted for so many fab blogs once!!! x

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Boy, I remember those days. I was the mother who drove, drove, drove and I thought it would never end!

It does. My daughters are now in their early 20's and it's weird how things change so much. Now, I drive to purposefully take the scenic route, not by a mistaken turn while I panic to get back on my time-table!

Your kids are adorable, but remember those days? Car rides can be so miserable at that age. Good thing they feel comfortable enough in the skin to express themselves! You gotta smile at how funny it is! At least for the next few hundred thousand miles!

Glad to visit...I'm your blog neighbor and will definitely be back.

Lana from Farm Life Lessons

Haddock said...

That was interesting.
Does it get flooded frequently?

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Tork, how fantastic to have a brand new car....albeit only for a month or a year!

@ Maxabella, thank you for voting and you can use that game to your advantage by saying how awesome,smart, pretty and capable you are and it's great because the kids agree!

@ Lana, ah I have a kindred spirit! I'm glad the driving ends sometime, they can drive ME around then. I'll be checking out your blog btw x

@ Haddock, we flood when it rains heavily for a few days at a time..which is not good for my busy schedule!