July 17, 2011

House Update

We are putting up the soffits now...or the verandah ceilings. We are using our fantastic panel lifter...it makes the job so much easier.

This photo shows the back deck. You can see how much work there is left to do....sigh.

We have a busy week ahead.

Our plasterer visited on Friday and we have a plan of where we are going.

In no particular order we have to:-

Talk again with our plasterer and get his recommendations for a carpenter..

Ring the carpenter and organise a visit....he will be hanging our doors, putting up our vj wall panelling, and doing trims and architraves etc

Ring the plumber and see how much more work he needs to do before we sheet out inside.

On Tuesday, The Hubbster and I are doing a string line all through the house so we can begin putting noggins in, which are the pieces of timber that the gyprock will be attached to.

So the carpenter will do the vj wall panelling, the gyprock guy will put the walls and ceilings up and then the plasterer will come in and finish off.

We are deciding on some nice ceiling roses and some fancy cornices, in keeping with the style of the house.

We also have to decide on which doors we are having, and buy them.

Our tanks have to be purchased so the plumber can do that work.

And we have to find a tiler.

And a painter.

There is still so much to be done. That is why we have decided to outsource and have an expert do most of the internal fitout. We can do it, but we don't have the time if we want to be in by Christmas.

Even that will be a stretch.

It wil be a dream come true when we actually move in. I can't wait to transfer all of our things from the shed and the dongas up to the house.

At least we won't need a moving truck. We live a metre away!

So you'll find me working on the house on Tuesday and with any luck The Hubbster will let me use the nail gun!


Erin said...

Hey we have a gyprock hoist too:)
Lots happening on the building front there! My husband just hung our doors this weekend, yeah. Now the 2 year old has to learn how to open a door. lol. We just bought a basic grainy looking door at Bunnings. I've also got to select tanks this week, what to get them in before the rains come. Any suggestions?
Love to hear more about your tennis court I spy there. One of my long held dreams.

brismod said...

OMG. Look how enormous your verandah and decks are!! You must be feeling so happy that there is all this progress. Can't wait to see more! xx

BushBelles said...

Wow, looks huge, can't wait to see it finished. Hope all goes well this week! Bushbellesxo

Amy said...

The verandah will be awesome when it is done! I am loving these house updates. I would love to do something like this in 5 years or so, but alas hubby thinks anything over an acre is way to much work for him...

I can reccomend Jim Provan as a painter. He is in Tannum.

Goodluck! That is alot of work to get done by Christmas, but I can't see a reason why it can't get done by them. What a great Christmas it will be to be in your new house!

E. said...

It's looking great. There may be lots of stuff stil to do but I'm very impressed with what you have shown us here.

Anonymous said...

Awesome it is coming along nicely ;-)
Gee all the pics look great too! You have done a bang up job well Done! xxx

Liz said...

Ohh its coming along soooo well now!! I love the big verandahs!! NICE

Jim F Loos said...

Oh yes I would say I am little jealous of the verandah. It’ going to be an awesome spot.

Dreaming said...

Oh, I am so glad to be on 'this' side (almost finished) of our house project. You have a busy week ahead! But, oh my, you must be thrilled by the progress you are seeing.

SisterSister said...

In keeping with your last post..when you finally get to relax on that beautiful veranda you can all say, "you can't get any better than this".

Kakka said...

Oh so exciting, loving that it is coming together (given that there is much to do and lots of hard work, but it is really looking like a house).

Love the new look blog too. xxx

Dream House Trish said...

Busy busy busy, those verandahs look fantastic, what a great place to sit & relax!!!
There are so many choices for doors it makes your head spin, that & the cost of some of them, sheesh..

Unknown said...

oh I have verandah envy.. its divine!!!

Earnest Farewell said...

You seem to advance so quickly. This house looks great, great colors you chose, colors are important, they create mood.