August 17, 2011

Always the King

On this day 34 years ago, the world lost an beloved Elvis Presley.

I am not forward in saying he was "my Elvis". I grew up with his music, our family loved him, my mother was crazy for him and my uncle reminds me of him!

My childhood was filled with family get togethers, where my cousins and I would be sent to bed (where we proceeded to have pillow fights) while the grown ups danced and rocknrolled to his music.

I have such a cool family! I am sure this is why I love music so much.

Elvis reminds me of the South, of the musical era and the times of the 50's and 60's which I love, and a time that just feels free.

As an Australian, my obsession with everything American is longstanding, so it wasn't a surprise when my trip to the US incorporated a visit to Graceland, not only for me, but for my Mother.

I remember phoning her from Graceland, allowing her a connection to her Elvis through me. She, and I were thrilled.

He was such a beautiful man, so spiritual, so charismatic....those eyes, those lips. Those cheekbones....

That voice.

His death was such a tragedy, for someone so talented and giving to die so young.

I wanted to share one music video, but how do I choose just one......

How this.

And my favourite song..

This. Gives me shivers...


Bri said...

They are beautiful songs, he was just unbelievable wasn't he! My dad introduced me to his gospel music and it's some of the most amazing music I've ever heard. Such a loss.

Dreaming said...

I am always fascinated by how his popularity transcends all age groups. I sometimes wonder if he would have had such magic if he hadn't died.

JaneHouse said...
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MultipleMum said...

Have you been the Parkes festival? I imagine that would be lots of fun! Pop on your blue suede shoes this weekend and shake your booty. Elvis is alive... and living with the Farmer's wifey? xx