August 21, 2011

House Update

From tomorrow, this will be the last we will see of our house internal frame:-

Because our gyprocker starts putting our walls up! We are super excited and have so much going on.

The noggins have been put in to support such things as towel rails, toilet roll holders and the like, so today The Hubbster and I took photos so that we can attach everything once the walls go in.

Here is our gyprock which arrived on Friday. You can see how close the shed is to the house.

We visited the kitchen shop last week to discuss our custom built kitchen. We are thinking over colours of benchtops and the cupboard profile and will be ordering this in full on Tuesday.

Today we visited some display homes to look at kitchen colours and benchtops and we also went to the Home Expo and spent a few thousand dollars on two 25000 litre water tanks, one septic tank and a water pump.

That's one more thing off the list!


Mum on the Run said...

Looking good.
Walls will be quite a transformation.
I'm loving your updates.

Dreaming said...

I don't envy you at all! Picking kitchen cabinets, colors etc is really, really hard! There are just too many choices. (Here's one of my posts about it: The Project - Week 3: Two Steps Forward and One Step Back)
Anyway - you are really moving forward. Your house is going to look so different in such a short time. It's amazing how quickly the gyprock (as you call it) transforms a house. Can't wait to see pictures!

Oh, tell us in a post what the plans for the shed are, once you move in to your new home.

Craig said...

Moving along quickly now. I think picking a kitchen is great fun. We just did it on our remodel in January and fortunately we love what we picked. I'm sure you will too.

Sharon Larson - SharonTOGETHER said...

It's looking good!

This is perfect...I get to watch all the progress and not make any decisions. LOL

I hope you're doing well!

brismod said...

Wow! Now you get to decide all the fun things! xx

Kakka said...

Don't worry about the shed, look at the size of that verandah!!!! OMG I want your house, of course once it is finished - lol.

Oh I can not wait to see the photos when all is done. It is going to awesome and so worth the wait. The shed will only be a memory once you are wrapped up in the splendor of 'the house'. xxx