July 4, 2012

Christmas in July. Kind Of.

You may remember last September when I posted about my daughter Ms T (aged 6) at the time, and an unfortunate incident involving a swallowed ten cent piece.

You can read about it here and here. Well, she's done it again.

To explain my daughters personality in one photo, I"d like to show you this:- she's stuck halfway up the tennis court fence in her pyjamas.

So todays issue arised from a swallowed Christmas jingle bell, not unlike these ones below.

Ho, Ho, Freakin Ho.

Back up to accident and emergency for 4 hours with my other two children, who, out of boredom and hunger, started wearing their clothes on their heads and doing the funky (psycho) chicken.

We left at the 2 hour mark after seeing the doctor, only to return right away after she started vomiting and having stomach pains.

An xray was ordered and the jingle bell was found to have passed down through her middle (thus the pains) and was positioned below, waiting to come out the other end.

The lovely doctor passed Ms T a handful of blue gloves with a smile, because girl, you're checking your own poo this time!


Unknown said...

Hello Gorgeous!

Long time no see :)

I remember Tomika doing this exact thing. Except with a lego head. A plastic lego head. That's right, too small to show up on the x-ray. Too big to move without help. Enter a box of Laxettes and her own pair of rubber gloves. Now THAT was a fun few days!

Brea x x x

fromsophiesview said...

No respect for parents it would appear!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

Oh dear keep calm ..jingle bells is so wrong.

Desire Empire said...

Can I say she is a "ding dong". Or that she should be known from this day forward as Isabelle!!!!!

Hope it comes out easily.

greenthumb said...

Oh no poor you.

Farmers Wifey said...

So far, no sign of the jingle bell. Will keep you posted!! :))

LisaW said...

Well, if she breaks wind and you hear a bell chime, you'll know it's close to coming out! lol. The poor little chicken. I hope she's learned her lesson this time around.

Farmers Wifey said...

hahaha, the doctors loved the bell ringing jokes as well!!

River said...

Hoping that all is clear by now and that checking her own poo will put her off swallowing anything else that isn't food.

Farmers Wifey said...

UPDATE - The bell is out. It no longer jingles. Nor is it shiny :))

Mimsie said...

So glad everything came out ok in the end. The worse thing my daughter ever did was get a gravel stone stuck up her nose but a friend of mine managed to extract it so no damage done although come to think of it she did fracture a small bone in her foot when she jumped off a place she'd been told NOT to jump from. Kids..you got to love them.

Lisa Jay said...

Oh she sounds like a funny kid. The photo's all made me laugh. Not good about the vomiting though, glad to hear she was fine.

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