August 8, 2012


If you are a blogger, you may have heard of a little get together held last week.

Called BlogHer'12, more than 5000 bloggers attended with a very special address from President Barack Obama himself!

Yes, this conference is bigtime.

Close to 20 Australian bloggers attended, and during the last week or so, I've lived my New York Dream through their words and photos.

A life changing experience for them?  It seems so.

That's what is so wonderful about blogging.  The writer gets to share their words and relive their moments in time and the reader gets to experience it, even from afar.

Everyone wins.

I had this crazy thought yesterday that I'd really love to attend next years BlogHer conference in Chicago, USA.

Could I really do it?  Save the money, leave my family for 2 weeks, and combine my two passions of travel and blogging?

Hell yes!

My friends know that my obsession is America.  Here's some photos of the holiday that changed my life.


BabyMac said...

Of COURSE you can! Set a goal and work towards it and you WILL do it Im sure of it.

Powdered Toast Man said...

Can only females attend this event? Why is it called BlogHer? Sounds a little sexist.

Anonymous said...

I'm making Chicago my goal as well. Good luck to both of us. xToni

Mum on the Run said...

Go for it!!
I'm already looking forward to living vicariously through you in twelve months time.
(But will you be able to drag yourself away from that beautiful home??)
:-) xxx

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Beth, thank you x A goal it is!!

@ PTMan I'm sure there were men at the conference too??

@ Toni, yes let's do it!!

@ Shar, I may not be able to leave my home....oh for two weeks maybe xo