November 23, 2013

A Tree

We had the most wonderful day today.  Quite a mix of relaxation, rejuvenation and reflection. It's not often we have a day at home, with no work, or sport or commitments so we made the most of it.

A sleep in, a late brunch and an afternoon in the pool for the kids!  Miss T was desperate to put the Christmas Tree up, and after consultation with the facebook masses, we decided that the 23 Nov was THE perfect day to bring the Tree to life.

It's the first Christmas Tree we have had in 5 years.  When we were living in the shed we couldn't have a tree, because I was sure a possum would take up residence and scratch my eyes out when I decided it was time to pack the tree away!

So we went Treeless for many years, but we've made up for it this year, because this Tree is very full, very sparkly and there's a Lego Man hiding in there somewhere.

Thanks Mr C!



Unknown said...

Oh this makes me look forward to christmas so much!

fromsophiesview said...

Beautious ~~ splendifours ~~ gorgeous and I can just feel the Xmas cheer starting up at your place. We haven't had a tree in few years either, so I will live vicariously through your beautiful creation.
The countdown is on ~~ Hope your celebration is a wonderful one this year!!
Ron Sophie and Jim of course!

River said...

Such a beautiful tree, well worth waiting 5 years for.

Anonymous said...

@ Nathalia I'm looking forward to Christmas so much also! xo

@ Miss Sophie, Ron and Jim, you can share our Aussie Xmas Tree, think of it as yours xo

@ River, yes well worth the wait, hope your Christmas is wonderful xo

Mimsie said...

That is all so beautiful and so glad you have a tree this year.
I too decorated a tree for the first time in man years. When we first got our Precious as a kitten she would climb the tree and over it would go. I tried for a couple of years but gave up in the end. She is now 12 and still climbs trees (but the big ones). I don't have room in my living room for my Norfolk Island pine but have decorated it on the front verandah and it sparkles in the sun during the day and at night the front light is on for a couple of hours so I can see it through the window. I feel good having decorated a tree at last and it gives that Christmassy feeling.
Thanks for a lovely post. xx