December 6, 2013

Hello December!

Well, December seems to have snuck up and smacked me right in the face!

With 5 days of school left for the year, our calendar is full of parties, dance competitions, graduation, birthdays, school orientation, a swimming carnival, musical rehearsals, school break up and Christmas concert!

In between, I'll find time to go to work, finish Christmas shopping, take the family to Brisbane for two days, and keep the house in some kind of organised chaos. 

I also have to sew the huge rip in the trampoline from last weeks storm, which saw winds so ferocious, that they picked it up, carried it over the pool where it came to rest sideways against the house, smashing the downpipe in the process!

Industrial sewing needle anyone?

This year seems different though. A shift in my conscience maybe, as Miss D (aged 12) is starting high school next year.  With mixed emotions, of excitement (for her) and pure terror (for me - wasn't she just BORN??) I shall loosen the tie just a bit that connects her to my heart, and send her off to the big school!

By 2014 I'll have a new school to get to know, and a teenager to try to understand, which is ridiculous as I've only ever had young children, where did these big kids come from?

There's been a lot happening leading up to this moment.  She spent a week away on school camp, and I cried when the bus left, and stalked facebook for school updates, just hoping for a glimpse of her. The kids had an amazing time, and I'm sure they grew up just a little bit during the week.

Being in Grade 7 and a school leader, she's had many responsibilities and has loved being part of the oldest group in the school.  Such a difference being the youngest in high school, the dynamics certainly change. Another milestone that truly begins with that first smile, that first glimpse of a shiny new tooth and the most amazing first step!

I'll admit that I feel apprehensive, and I'll worry about her because it's a big step for me too.  Letting go of my first born baby, and realising that she doesn't need me quite as much now that she's older, stings just a little bit.

It's just life. It's part of the process I suppose. Having the world at your feet is a powerful thing, and she is standing on the doorstep waiting to fly.


fromsophiesview said...

Michelle, you have a way with your words that makes me think YOU will be fine and SHE will be perfectly OK!
What a sweet picture of the two of you ~~ beautiful smiles.
Step by step we all have grown up experienced life to the max and kept the bonds that hold us all together with love and family.
Have a wonderful few weeks and all the best.

Mimsie said...

What a beautiful and loving post this is. It is always difficult to realise one's children are growing up so fast but you have wonderful memories of them when they were little and a beautiful photograph too.
I feel all will go well with your daughter and I feel that for at least a while yet she is going to need you just as much as always. Perhaps though she won't always want you to know just how much. That too is part of them becoming independent.

Unknown said...

We feel sad when they start finding their own place in life. It was so wonderful to be everything to them, and we see them going out in the world on their own steam and our hearts feel kind of lost.
Its a new adventure for both of you my friend.

Marissa said...

Beautiful post so touching.

River said...

She'll be fine and so will you. Read this post again when your last child begins high school. Where did the baby go?

Unknown said...

This was just a beautiful post, lovely for your daughter to maybe read it one day too.
We don't have children yet but as it is in the one year plan to start trying I have been starting to think about the school thing...being a planner it's hard not to! Knowing we'd have to send them to boarding school makes it a bit more tricky but I think you're right when you say you see it as an adventure for them no matter how scared oneself could be!

Maxabella said...

I just can't even imagine what it must feel like to see your 'little kid' go off to BIG school. I have no doubt in my mind that she'll sail through the lot (and you will too!) but I totally get how daunting it must feel. Enjoy the 'last' primary school holidays... x