November 9, 2013

Our House Update

It's been a long time between posts! I'm blaming my lack of time and our dodgy  inadequate internet connection! 

Did I mention that my three kids found the wi fi password and have spent the last month happily playing Minecraft and Tiny Tower, oblivious to the fact that they have sent me into dial up speed hell?

I'm back though and happy to share some photos of our house, 12 months on from moving in.  I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I haven't completely unpacked, and I still have some empty kitchen cupboards and boxes needing attention in storage.

There are still little things to be done, and we are taking our time, just enjoying the space and the colour and the newness of it all!

If you are new to my blog, here are some stats:-

- The house took four years to owner build, and we lived in a shed on our farm while the build took place.
- The Money Pit, as we like to call it, reflects the attributes of a modern Queenslander, utilising breezeways, louvre windows, high ceilings and wrap around verandahs to provide uninterrupted air flow.
- The floors are a mixture of Blue Gum and Spotted Gum, and the timber was cut from our property.
- Chair and picture rails, vj wall panelling and ceiling roses keep the Queenslander style.

Here she is, enjoy!




Alannah said...

Michelle, Your house looks so lovely. I am sure it is hard to believe you have been there for a year! smiles, Alannah

Princess Kate said...

I'm in love with that verandah. The whole house in fact. Gorgeous!

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Alannah, thank you! The year has gone fast, I can't believe I'm not fully unpacked, you know, kids, work and the rest get in the way! xo

@ Dorothy, the verandah is great! Great for sending noisy kids outside! xo

Mrs M said...

I absolutely adore the space.

Unknown said...

lovely to see it all decked out! Love the verandah!

River said...

I'm in love with your house. Has it really been 12 months already?!
I love the Amore tile on that gorgeous little table and the little green glass bottles in your bathroom. And your laundry has SO MUCH space!
It's a beautiful, beautiful house. I'm off to buy a lotto ticket.....

Unknown said...

Nawww, it's so great to see it all finally come together for you guys. It's just stunning.
One day we'll be enjoying a catch up on that verandah of yours Michelle. I've put it on my one day list!
Just beautiful xox

Norlin said...

LOVELY house Michelle! I especially LOVE your porch! It's HUGE! And your kitchen is divine.
It took 4 years to build...It's been 4 years and my house still isn't finished. :/ So I'll just drool over how nice your house looks instead. :)

Mimsie said...

Has it honestly been 12 months? Time moves so rapidly doesn't it?
I love those wooden floors and your colour scheme and THOSE verandahs and everything about your beautiful home.
Thank you so much for sharing your house with us. I hope you and the family are all keeping well.
River mentions lotto tickets. I buy a $5 dollar ticket every week but little good it has done me. I just have to dream. :)

brismod said...

There's no place like home. You must be thrilled having such a lovely home. That deck's a beauty! xx

Dream House Trish said...

It looks fantastic Michelle.
Happy anniversary!!!

Marissa said...


Maxabella said...

Wow, that looks even better than I thought it was going to be. I am SO JEALOUS of your beautiful wide verandahs. I bet you'll enjoy many, many a sundowner out there, thinking "sigh, we are so lucky." xxx

helloally said...

i just saw your rag dolls on the bedside table and thought OMGGGG ive left all my (made by me) rag dolls at the house in calliope... i felt quite sad about that.... :(