January 19, 2014

Me Time

This weekend, The Hubbster was working and the kids had a sleepover at Nannys house, so I had some time. Some Me Time.

I worked on Saturday and arrived home mid afternoon to an empty house and not a commitment in sight! So I pottered!  I took care of some little jobs, talked to the Guinea Fowl while I stood at the washing line on the deck, and enjoyed the solitude.

There were some flowers that were crying out for a home, so I washed labels from jars and did some flower arranging.  On a Saturday night!  The jars fit perfectly in my vintage milk bottle holder.

 I've been wanting to do this for ages, doesn't it look divine!

I cooked up a feast of my favourite Lean Cuisine, which took 3 minutes.  Dinner was done with no washing up!

I sat and watched some cage fighting, as one does, purely for educational purposes and possibly for the eye candy!

And then something strange happened.  I found myself cleaning the filters from the rangehood and looking down the hallway to the children's bedrooms, which were empty and quiet.

I am so used to a house full of noisy kids, whether it be laughing or music or loud protesting about why it's bedtime already.

I realised that as much as I love some Me Time, my life is not complete if I don't have my kids around me. It doesn't feel right. I miss them!

Before bedtime, I went into each of their rooms and looked around at the Lego on the floor, at the books and the dollies. And I thought how good it will be when they arrived home the next day, with hair full of sand from the beach, and stories of their weekend away.

And it was.  So good.


Unknown said...

I know what you mean. I'm so excited when all the kids are gone. But then it's quiet, too quiet! Love the flowers🌸

Farmers Wifey said...

Wendy, it's good to have Me Time but so good to have a noisy house again! xo

E. said...

Those flowers look gorgeous. I'm looking forward to some alone at home time. I'm sure I'll miss the family but I'm overdue for some time with just me here.

Farmers Wifey said...

It's amazing how refreshed I feel just after a day to myself!! Enjoy yours xx

Mimsie said...

I remember having 'me time' occasionally and I did get things done and I rested but it was wonderful when the kids were home with me again. They are now in their 50s and I would still love to see them more than I do. Your kids always remain just that...your kids.
Those flowers are a dream. I just sent to the op shop a holder with 6 pretty glasses in it which would have served a treat as a flower holder. Never mind I don't grow enough flowers these days to pick any but the thought just went through my mind "Why didn't I have a brainwave like that years ago?" I'd had those glasses in their holder since mum died back in 1985.
Silly me!!! No imagination. :)

Norlin said...

Oh goodness yes! While the "me" time can be amazingly wonderful, I have to say...in small doses, especially when I'm so used to having all three! But I admit, I can't wait for them to get back to school and have some kind of a routine again!!

Anonymous said...

Mimsie, do you like op shopping? I love it, always seeking out a bargain! xo

Norlin, I'm loving the routine again, of school and of my day off!! xo