February 17, 2014

Hello February

 Here we are, it's mid February, and January is just a distant memory.

I managed to get all three kids back to school with everything on their booklists, and each one had a hat, so I'm winning. As Miss D (aged 13) is now in high school, they are all catching the school bus, which will be a novelty for about two months.

I've been working alot, and on my day off, I enjoy cleaning, sweeping, feeding baby guinea fowl and guitar lessons! Can you sense a hint of sarcasm? I actually do enjoy spending the day at home, getting things in order and sorting piles of stuff (remember - Organise - my word for the year!)

As it is with only one day free in the week, the day goes fast with unfinished jobs, but I've given myself one hour each Tuesday for guitar lessons, and I'm loving it. I need to find another hour somewhere to fit in a gym workout too.

I've been baking as well!  The kids love coming home from school to fresh baked goodies. My daughter said to me last week "mum, you're baking AND ironing, who are you"?  Well on Tuesdays I'm a domestic goddess, baking, ironing, and sweeping, usually in my pyjamas.  I do get dressed to meet the school bus, just in case the driver wants a word.

I'm thinking of a new blog makeover, it could be a freshen up, or a whole new style.  A different colour (maybe a dreamy white) with a little green of course.  Any ideas?  Should I keep the girl?  Should I use cute farm photos at the top?  Decisions must be made!


Sharon said...

You will be able to jam with Daniel when u come down south again...

Mimsie said...

Guitar lessons? Fantastic! Is it classical guitar perhaps? You are one very busy lady but it's great you can fit those lessons in to your week.
You speak of a blog makeover. I like the present one but you did ask for suggestions and I love the pic of the guinea fowl. Just saying.
How is Miss D doing in her first year at high school and the others in their new classes?
Baking and ironing?? Reminds me of myself when I had two children and did all those things. Wonderful days to recall for an oldie like me.

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Sharon, that would be great, I'm sure he is alot better than me!!!

@ Mimsie, I'm glad you like the guinea fowl, they are super cute! Miss D is doing very well, thank you xo

Farmers Wifey said...
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