April 21, 2014


Today was the last day of school holidays, so tomorrow it's back to school for the kids and back to work for me.  I decided to find a sunny spot on the deck, to hide from the kids and enjoy the beautiful Queensland weather.

Because I'm always so busy, I don't often sit and do nothing, well nothing being drink tea and read country magazines, but I took some time out today before the chaos of work, school and routines began.

There were two weeks of school holidays which we filled with movies, lunch dates, time with family and days at home just enjoying the freedom of not having to be anywhere.  The kids swam, played tennis, jumped off the verandah railing onto the trampoline many times and played multiplayer Minecraft on the Xbox like bosses!

And then there was Easter, and the Harbour Festival, which we love every year. Rides, sideshow alley, food, markets, fireworks and non stop entertainment, it's just fantastic.

We saw an ACDC tribute band on Friday night where yours truly hung out at the stage for two hours, coming away with no voice and ringing ears, but it was so worth it!

Did the Easter Bunny find you?


Mimsie said...

You need as many of those breaks as you can get with your so busy life. Thanks so much for sharing some fabulous picture with us and it sounds as though the two weeks of holiday time were filled with wonderful experiences for all of you.

River said...

"the freedom of not having to be anywhere" is what I'm loving about retirement.

Farmers Wifey said...

thank you Mimsie and River, just free time to chill out is the best!