April 29, 2014

How's Your Tuesday?

My Tuesday is great, how's yours?

Tuesday is bit of a nothing day isn't it? The week has already begun so there's no point whinging about that, because that happened yesterday.  And the end of the week seems mountains away, so it's a kind of depressing nothing to look forward to kind of day.

I once read that someone, somewhere, was thinking of scrapping Tuesdays, just taking it off the calendar.  What was it good for anyway? There's usually nothing good on tv and the kids still had tonnes of homework to get through. We would then go from Monday, right into mid week, and then it's only a quick run and jump into the weekend!

But we still have it and I'm glad because Tuesdays are my day off, and there's nothing better than that! Well maybe cheap Tuesdays for Pizza, half price movie tickets, Tuesday supermarket specials and somewhere there's Taco Tuesday that I'm very interested in.

I usually start my Tuesdays by jumping out of bed with a fist pump exclaiming child free day, and whip the kids out the door very fast so I can get to my guitar lesson. 

One hour later of not thinking about the mundane, and I'm back home, and most probably back in my pyjamas, only because they are comfortable, and while I promise I don't go back to bed, I'll proceed to get some housework done, enough to pass if I get a visitor.

Here's todays photos, proving that I did not go back to bed.

The thing is, everyone needs some time alone.  Time to reflect, to do their thing, without restraint or the feeling of having to be anywhere.  I love my Tuesdays at home, spending time in my house, drinking tea on the deck and watching the guinea fowl play.

Sometimes I'll flick through a country magazine, or read, or sort a cupboard, feeling inspired by just having time for me.  I always feel better for it.  We all need it.

What about you? How's your Tuesday?


River said...

My Tuesdays are pretty busy, I help someone with a little house cleaning on Tuesdays. So I have Wednesdays instead. I sit at home, sometimes in my pjs, sometimes I'll get dressed, but I don't clean my home. That's what Thursdays are for....
I'll read, schedule a few blog posts, nap, maybe bake. I love mu Wednesdays.
Your house is so beautifully clean!

Farmers Wifey said...

Thank you, I'm trying to get my chores done Monday evening, so I can have my days free on Tuesday. Doesn't always work that way though! And here here for daytime pjs too!! xo

Mimsie said...

When you're retired days of the week don't really matter so Tuesday is much like any other day.
Your house is looking so beautiful and oh! that gorgeous polished floor. I think you are such a busy lady with many commitments and your Tuesday should be your day and yours alone. Hope you enjoy all future Tuesdays as they come along.

LisaW said...

You know, Tuesday is my most loathed day of the week! Monday you're still in a weekend hangover, and by Tuesday, you fully realise that the next weekend is still a number of days away. Hate it.

Love that you go to guitar lessons! I've always wanted to learn. btw - your home is looking lovely!

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks Mimsie and Lisa! We should all make our Tuesdays the most amazing day of the week! xo