June 17, 2014

Let It Go

Let It Go Michelle..... Let It Go!
I've just realised that it's been 36 days or 5 weeks and 1 day or a ridiculously stupid long time since I've blogged. My neglected little corner has been gathering dust waiting for some attention and some strawberry kisses.

Excuses, excuses you might say, and you may demand an explanation, to which one is now forthcoming. You see, I have no time.  Or rightfully had no time. This precious commodity that one strives to find, keep and use wisely had escaped me to such an extent that I resembled one of those creatures who chases their tail around in circles and never wins.

This creature (me) with bags under the eyes, a stressful, mourned expresssion mostly and a need to rush here and there was going nowhere fast.  Something had to be done!

So I resigned from my job last week. My full time hours were consuming me, I had one day to myself to get everything done and it wasn't working. I was failing.  I was tired at night, staying up too late, waking late, rushing around, it had to stop.

With a very supportive husband, I've done an Elsa from Frozen and Let It Go.  Which has been easy as we hear that song in our house every day! I feel like a dark cloud has lifted and I feel excited about what comes next.

I've been missing out on living my life the way I want.  The raw, organic way, the simple way.  We are all the masters of our own destiny and I'm choosing my own path.  I'm looking forward to nurturing my family, being kind to myself and owning my time.

I'm with Elsa!


fromsophiesview said...

You lived in a ZOO,
"selfie" decisions
make all the provisions
and freedom prevails
from all your travails!

Get the point ~~ I'm a terrible poet but I know you've made a great forward decision for you and yours!

All the best!

Claireyhewitt said...

I bet you feel fantastic.

Well done. Happy days ahead.

River said...

I'm so glad you were able to let it go. Too many people can't and they continue rushing around, never quite catching up, being stressed for years and years.
I was only working part time and it got too much for me. When I realised I was spending more time each day waiting for the bus to get me to work and then home again I decided it wasn't worth it and quit just over a year ago.

Mimsie said...

I am so glad you were brave enough to make the break. It may take a while to realise you have time of your own now but, knowing you, it will soon be smooth sailing and your family will be fortunate to have you there for them when they need you. I can see you living the lifestyle you'd promised yourself and I am sure you will all be so much happier for this change you've made.
All the best. x

LisaW said...

I'm so proud of you Michelle for taking that leap of faith to change your life for the better. I wish you every happiness.

Jac@CommonChaos said...

Good on you for following your heart. I might take your advice and let a few things go aswell :-)

Norlin said...

So glad you took the plunge and decided to "let it go". Onwards and upwards from here hon! :) xx

Unknown said...

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