September 16, 2014

My Favourite Room

Do you have a favourite room in your house? I do. Actually I have many!  It could be my child free craftroom, or my kitchen that I adore, or my laundry just kidding.

My theatre room is a place that I love.  As my friends know, I watch alot of movies, I'm a film buff.  I love settling in for the night with a blockbuster, or a scary movie, watched with the lights off of course!

Our theatre room is at the front of our house.  We have bifold doors and dark window lourves so we can make the room completely dark and enclosed, all the better for that movie experience.

We have a big screen tv, and until recently the tv sat on the kids toybox, which was on a huge piece of carpet.  It was dodgy and unattractive, and was driving me nuts so we went out last week and purchased a timber tv unit, which fits the room perfectly.

Our bookcase is also in this room and along with movies to watch, it's a lovely space to sit and read, a quiet area to reflect. The kids can choose a story book and we sit and read and it's very relaxing.

I'm still decorating this room and I'm on the look out some new cushions, a throw rug and some wall art.  The walls are painted sage green so this room is very calming.

It's a nice place to be.

Do you have a favourite room in your house?


Marissa said...

Your rooms look so clean I love it!
My favorite room for me would be my living room. I can sit there and not do a thing or I can turn on the tv . another room that I am sure will be my favorite when we start and finish is our patio. We want to extend it a few more ft. I think that is going to be my go to for quite time.
Great post!

River said...

Love the sage green. Love the whole room.
If I had a house I might have a favourite room. Here in a tiny flat, I'd choose my bedroom, because I love to sleep and because the furniture and quilt are in colours I love.
The lounge is dominated by a giant cat scratching tower, not at all pretty.

Blooms on the Hill said...

Your home looks gorgeous. Love the green and the white timber is lovely. Really country, which is my favourite look being a country girl!

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Marissa I also love our outside verandah, I think we are on the same wavelength!!

@ River I love that your room is colourful! I love to sleep also, it's nice to have a relaxing bedroom xx

@ Amber Thank you! Another country girl! We have the same style!

Mimsie said...

Is is it me? I couldn't see any pics with this post at all or are others referring to previous posts? I think not.
As ours is a quite small, old house it is difficult to have a favourite room but in many ways my little workroom out back here is very popular with me as my computer is in here and it keeps me in touch with the outside world. It also has a lovely windowsill where Candy can sit and watch what is going on in the back garden and I have a comfy chair in the corner where Phil can come sit and have a coffee with me. Just all nice and cosy.

Farmers Wifey said...

@ Mimsie, I have to add the photos back in, I had a few issues!!

Your room sounds lovely, very relaxing and a nice place to be xx