September 20, 2014

Get Outside, Kids!

I've had a very productive day today. I cleaned the kitchen.

It's fun and games here people! I've gone into a crazy, spring cleaning frenzy and decided to start with the kitchen, doing a deep clean which was needed.

You know, getting into those hidden spots that don't get alot of attention! My kitchen is now sparkling, and if anyone explodes anything in the microwave oven, they will be in trouble.

Today is the first day of school holidays.  Two weeks of fun and frivolity.

I've already confiscated the kids Ipods, Xbox, dvd players and anything else technology related. Yes the first day has been a hoot!

The kids have been, as we like to call it, acting ugly.  A bit of whining here, a raised voice there.  I take an ipod away, the kid plugs in a music usb stick.  I take that away, the same kid plays loud cds. I take the cds away and pass her a broom, see, fun and games!

I wonder could I do a technology free holiday, I don't think so, I'd probably go mad! I think the trick is to limit their xbox time and get their little personalities outside!  Which is what they did this afternoon. They packed drinks and snacks and headed off down the paddock to the fruit trees, where they picked the remaining mandarins and oranges.

As I like to keep an eye on them when they are walking around the farm, I used the biniculars to find them down at the flying fox over the dam, sitting on the cement wall eating Nutrigrain!

This photo is from 2011, they love this space!  As do I!  It's very peaceful and beautiful, with a little creek running through the trees.

It's a great place to explore.


CountryMouse said...

Wow your kitchen is sparkling. Outside sound good for the school holidays, imagination, not so much mess, vitamin D and all that. It is hard to balance technology and good old fashioned normal things.

Blooms on the Hill said...

Good on you! As I say, "step away from the technology!" Kitchen looks great.

Farmers Wifey said...

@ CountryMouse, thank you! It's stopped raining so the kids are outside, enjoying the Queensland sun! xo

@ Amber, technology can take over, the kids go nuts and I know it's time for a break!! xo

River said...

your posts get to my sidebar over a week later, but at least they get there. I deep cleaned my kitchen last Sunday, then on Monday morning I knocked over a full cup of hot coffee!

Farmers Wifey said...

Oh Really? Better late than never! Oh dear, I hate when that happens, all of our hard work down the drain lol xo