October 13, 2014

Camp Time Again

I have a little confession to make.

Sometimes when I go shopping, I stop in the baby aisle and smell the Johnsons's Baby Shampoo because it reminds me of when my children were newborns.

Ah, the sweet memories.

Fast forward to today.

My little guy went on school camp this morning.  A week in the big city, doing fun kid things, visiting fun kid places and doing all sorts of cool activities. When I went on my school trip, I was in Grade 10 and we went camping in the bush, doing exciting things said no one ever like orienteering and bush tucker cooking.

These kids today are in Grade 6, not even in high school and they are spending a week in the city, staying at amazing places and eating at restaurants!

It was a year ago that my eldest daughter went on camp, and I can remember my tummy butterflies as I waved her off on the bus!  My friends and I stalked facebook for the week, waiting for photos of our kids to see what they were doing.  She hadn't been away from me for so long, and I was anxious, but I didn't need to be, as she came back with wonderful stories of what they did and saw.

She seemed to have grown up so much in the space of a week.  I cried when the bus left last year, and yes, this emotional mush cried again this morning.

Happy tears.

I know that my son will have a great time, but I miss him already! 

I hope he doesn't spend all of his money on xbox games, and I hope the lid on his drink bottle is done up tight.

I hope he wears a good shirt out to dinner tonight, and he doesn't fall off the top bed bunk in the cabin. 

He has the coolest new backpack, it's from a tv show called Adventure Time. It's about a dog called Jake, and my three kids were so excited to find this backpack with a doggy hood. I pleaded with my son to choose another backpack because I thought this one looked stupid.

The kids looked at me like I was stupid.

"Don't you know that's JAKE THE DOG......MUM?????"

We bought the backpack.

Now excuse me, I must go. I've got shopping to do and it includes a visit to the baby aisle!

Farmer's Wifey xo


Blooms on the Hill said...

My son is on camp at the moment too! He's 11 and went away last Tuesday and comes home on Wednesday, so away for a total of 8 days. He's gone to the Somers education camp and they do so much cool stuff, with kids from all over attending, about 160 in total. Only 7 from his school got chosen so he was really lucky!

Farmers Wifey said...

Wow how lucky for you guys! Lots of kids are away on camp ATM, must be the end of year thing xo

Unknown said...

Oh Michelle, I totally 'get it'. My baby moved from cot to bed last night and I was exactly the same. LOST.
My bigger babies have been on one camp before but it was only for 2 nights. I'm not sure how I will cope when the time comes for longer camps, although I have thought to myself on occasion that it would be nice if all 6 went on a camp at once!!! HAHAHA ;-)

Farmers Wifey said...

aww Jac, I saw that!! We do feel a bit lost, don't we? haha all 6, what would you do with yourself lol

I know my son is having a grand time, but I can't wait to hug him on Friday x