October 2, 2014

Free Time


I am really enjoying these school holidays.  Because I'm not working as much, I have time....free time to enjoy with the kids in the sunshine.

So what have we been doing?

Hanging out in the Library once a week! Yes, we are library snobs, in the nicest possible way. I book the computers for the kids, I enjoy a cup of tea from the tea and coffee cart Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30 am.

We take out books, dvds and magazines and replace them the next week.  We are now regulars.  I like that!

So what else?

Fishing and crabbing in the boat :: Cinemas :: Picnics in the park :: Kids over for sleepovers :: Shopping :: Lunching :: Trampoling ::  Bushwalks :: Visits to Nanny and Poppy :: Eisteddfod gazing :: Rodeo :: Chess :: Horse Riding :: Lego :: Sleep ins :: Lazy mornings and even lazier afternoons :: Afternoon siestas :: Dvd nights curled up on the couch :: Quad and motor bike riding :: Xbox :: Cooking :: Cuddles :: Family time ::

We've even spring cleaned the kids bedrooms, cleaned and uncluttered and dusted and organised!

No stress.  No deadlines.  Just free time.

My heart is happy.


River said...

It all sounds so idyllic! I remember similar school holiday times when my kids were little, but no computers then. No horses either, we're city people.

Norlin said...

My school holidays (at least the 2nd week) has been filled with lots of "lazy time". No rushing anywhere! I love that!

Blooms on the Hill said...

What a great holiday!

Vest said...

Stay as nice as you are , we need more people in this world like you.

Cassandra Louise said...

I love to relax in a library! In fact, I think I'll do just that this week.

Farmers Wifey said...

I'm glad I've stirred some emotions in you guys, thank you xo

Maxabella said...

Your library has a coffee cart? So fancy! x

Toni said...

Sounds like bliss. I love to hang out in the library, even now I do most of my reading on the Kindle or iPad I still like to stop in sometimes and sit in a corner or have a browse. I wonder if they will become a thing of the past?