October 27, 2014

Monday Pretties

I was looking through my 3851 Iphone photos today I must backup, and I found some snaps that I'd like to share with you.

Last week the house was reasonably tidy, and the beds were made.  Not unlike this week with the house looking like some small angry army with search and destroy issues have blown through the place.

Oh wait, that's the kids.

I tried to get all Pinteresty with a photo of my bed, all clean and tidy and uncluttered.  I love the quilt I'm using, it has a country look with gorgeous colours.

I took the kids for icecream a few days ago, Yogurtland to be precise.  I always have the same thing - dutch chocolate, mango and big chocolate sprinkles.  Like tea calms a stressful adult, I'm sure icecream does the same for kids, until they get in the car to go home and the sugar hits which is always fun.

A few things caught my eye this week while shopping!  These new Maxwell and Williams plates, wrapped in coloured tissue paper made their way home!  And I am loving Woodwick candles, I bought two, and they are divine!

Miss D (aged 13) shared some special things in her room too.  She has a love for blue, for vintage and anything pretty.  She always has books on her bedside table and she reads every night.

And you?  Bought anything lately?  Been out for icecream? What's been happening?  Happy Monday!

Farmer's Wifey xo


Blooms on the Hill said...

I took my kids to Walhalla on Sunday and we rode on the train, which nearly blew their collective minds. Finally picked up bed sheets I had on lay by so now my bed finally is all matching and pretty!

Renee Mayne said...

Fresh, cute and lovely! I am doing my office at the moment! Just got more storage and I need some artwork and a trip to office works ;-)

River said...

I love your quilt too and the blue vignettes are very pretty. I eat my ice cream at home, that way I can pig out without scaring passers by.

SIGMATE said...

The quilt is awesome! I wish my bedroom was that neat. (My little girl puts all her soft toys on our bed. :) )