March 30, 2016

Home Tour - Craft Room

When we were building our house, one of the things I was really looking forward to was my child free craft room! I had planned to set it up to give me ample space for my scrapbooking and card making and just a general area that was mine.  Just mine.

It's only a small space between the master bedroom and the ensuite, and being at the back corner of the house, it's far enough away from the kids' rooms so at least I can feel like I'm having time out when I hide there!

What has been happening however, is that my room seems to be the dumping ground for anything without a home.  Boxes of books, old files, school paperwork or old football boots have found their way into my private oasis.  You know, all of the crap that probably needs to be sorted out and thrown out!

A few weeks ago after tripping on yet enough pile of something, I decided to have a clean out/sort out/THROW out, and take ownership of my craft room again! I had wanted to update the room for a while and chose mint and black as a colour scheme.  I'd actually been doing a display at work with mint and black towels and I think that helped me decide on the colours I wanted.

Here is the room before the change, complete with dodgy photo watermark!

And here it is now!  I love it! I had bought the table for $10 from an op shop, and although it's small, it fits perfectly in the space.  The framed photo of Elvis was a gift and I love it!

I bought black containers from KMart and sorted my craft bits and pieces, including my paints and glues, photos, buttons and ribbons.

I was so excited to find this little mint coloured table at Big W!

The photo memory board looks better hung on the wall above my cardstock and patterned papers.

The gorgeous little mint stool is from Pillow Talk, and the kids think it's hysterical and say it looks like a Dalek from Doctor Who or a CrabPot that you throw in the river!  How dare they!!

I love it, and as it's my child free craft room, it's staying!

I hope you enjoyed my craft room tour!  Do you have a special place that you love?

Farmers Wifey xo

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River said...

It does look very stylish now, very clean cut. I love the little hexagonal table, I've seen them in different colours too, but only pastels. And red.