July 20, 2016

Winning The Day

I find it fascinating, how much I can get done in a day, when I don't go back to bed after dropping the kids at the bus stop.

I wave them goodbye, yell FREEDOM and sometimes even high five myself, when the bus is out of sight, if it happens to be my day off! Today I did go back to bed which was a bad idea, because I then woke up at 10.30am feeling tired and slow and totally not motivated to get all of the things done that I had promised myself I would do.

On a similar day last week, I was feeling good, it was nice weather and the house was quiet as everyone had gone. I knew my window of opportunity was from 8am to 4pm so I silently played this mantra over and over in my head do not go back to bed.

I made a cup of tea and sorted the washing - colours/whites, riveting stuff I know, but as I'm apparently the maid it had to be done. Sucks that.

I sat on the deck, ate breakfast and read the news, trying not to get engrossed in Buzzfeed because once I'm in THAT website I can't get out, and can spend hours looking at posts like this.   Seriously, look at number 9, he's called a Booby and had the kids sniggering for hours because, you know Booby.

Image credit Buzzfeed

However today was going to be fine because I was determined to win the day. I decided to water Miss T's garden which is going really well except for her cactus which I think I have overwatered and now has cactus rot.  I know this because Google told me and also because it's mouldy and covered in a mushy substance. The whole thing has now fallen over but I'm going to blame the guinea fowl.

I even have proof:- questionable as it may be....

See he wants me to believe he was ONLY smelling the flowers but I think he was pecking the cactus and that's why it fell over with cactus rot and mould.

Sounds fair to me.

And the cactus in happier times......RIP.

This guy didn't get inside so I won the day there.

In the morning I had asked the kids to get their football training gear ready for a quick afternoon getaway, And they did!  Well they dumped everything in a massive pile on the couch, which I have arranged here neatly because I have so much time on my hands and nothing better to do, remember Maid.

I pottered around for the rest of the day, and unpacked a box of clothes in the shed and found one of my old dancing dresses from a million years ago.  I promptly washed it and hung it out in the sunshine, then went and found a photo of me wearing the dress to prove to my girls that I actually had a waist and was once 14 year olds.

I mean, seriously, look at that waist! And dancing with my eyes closed, must have been a new style at the time.

Miss T (aged 11) is thrilled with the dress and it now hangs proudly in her closet. She loves dressing up, and has been known to rock the leggings/skirt/boots/singlet combo. If she wants to wear it to the supermarket I might just let her because she will sparkle in the sun!

Hubby took the kids to football training so I watched the news at 5, and drank tea and ate the chocolate muffin that I had hidden.  It was worth it.

So all in all, compared to some other days which have been shitty and cloudy and boring, I won the day. Little things really, nothing super exciting or life changing but time out to potter around, to sit in the sun and not have to BE anywhere.

How's your day?  You winning?

Farmers Wifey xo

PS For some reason, your comments on previous posts have disappeared,  putting me in the corner of the bloggy dancefloor....alone....so leave me a comment and I will visit you too!

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Don't look now but there is a snake knocking at your door. Run!!!!