April 26, 2009

To Do List

My "To Do" list includes the following:-

1. Write that vampire novel that I have always wanted to do (it hasn't been done before, has it??).

2. Get through the day without saying - fuck, for fuck's sake or fucking hell (or as Miss T says - suckin hell).

3. Remember to take my thyroid meds, berocca, vitamin C tablets, chaste tree pills, iron tablets, elevit with folate (just in case!) and a couple of panadol for that headache that I will get around 4.30pm (from my lack of wine time as I've given up).

4. Go on a roadtrip on the original Route 66, in a corvette or a chevy impala (black of course like the car from Supernatural - season commencing 4 May, don't phone me, I won't answer).

5. Remove all toys from the bedroom to prevent room being trashed again by devil children, and actually do this because they think I am just full of hot air.

6. Bake something a little more exciting than choc chip banana muffins, and try not to cook pasta four nights a week.

7. Try not to log on to facebook more than 6 times a day to check status updates, oh and actually google my name to see who I am.

8. Remember that the Hubbster is a man, and for that reason alone, be sympathetic when he is complaining of a cold as the world is obviously just about to end.

9. Remind myself that just because I have facebook, 2 myspace pages, a blog, msn and yahoo that I am not a net nerd.

10. Remember to kiss the grubby, dusty faces of my offspring, even when they don't listen, answer back, toss the hair in defiance (Miss D) and cause chaos and stress in the supermarket.


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