April 26, 2009

No Ridge for me today, sigh ..

Last Friday afternoon I was looking forward to my 4.30pm wine and The Bold and The Beautiful meltdown, and it was especially going to be good because the Hubbster had arrived home from work early and was able to take Mr C to football training (thank god he did because who else was going to take him?).

So I am waiting patiently for the two blokes to leave for training, and suddenly I hear wails and screams from down yonder in the shed. Miss T was on the floor in a heap, her ankle dripping blood all over my clean concrete! floor. It was nasty. She had walked out of the loungeroom and scraped her ankle from bottom to top along the sharp edge.

We carried her, screaming like a banshee (she screamed, I swallowed hard) sat her on the washing machine and stole a look. It needed attention, so from my calm, wine induced, Ridge pervefest that I was going to have, we trucked it to the medical centre, after depositing the Hubbster and son at training.

We calmed her down enough to see that she had done a mighty fine job and sliced her ankle enough to need a stitch. But there was no way I was torturing her further by allowing someone to stick a needle in the hole now in her foot, and sew her up like a cushion.

The doctor and the nurse agreed it could be taped and bandaged up so we went with that. Which brings me to the whole point of this post - the maybe hot, latin americanish doctor.

The Hubbster (with a football injury) saw this doc recently and he told me the doctor looked like he should be playing soccer for Brazil or some other faraway exotic place.

So back to the story - I was looking at him, assessing my daughters injury, and the strangest thought crossed my mind. There is no effing way I would see this doc to have my yearly pap test done, how could I since he looked like someone you would meet on a drunken, girls weekend away - overseas.

And without a lie, this week whilst meeting my friends for our usual Thursday cuppa and catch up, a friend told us that HER friend saw this particular doctor to have her pap test done, and couldn't go through with it because he was such a hot potato. So she walked out of the surgery with .... weight loss tablets instead!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the ankle but the story is funny!

Farmers Wifey said...

Thanks,her ankle is fine now, but it was a strange day for sure!!