May 9, 2009

Sucky Friday

I'm having a suck hole day today. The guineas are off in the bush somewhere, and they will not come back, although the little crappers know how to fly. They are just doing it to piss me today.

We still haven't got our house plans finalised. The hubbster was going in to sort it out with all guns blazing and instead came out with folders to do with skylights (WTF).

And Mr C (aged 6) who had his hair cut and should now be listening, is having a few behaviour issues and I think it's to do with attention. He needs it and obviously is not getting enough (now I feel like a suck hole parent).

Last night, I played handball with him, and his sister got in the way, prompting him to yell "Get out of the friggin way" (farmerswife makes a mental note to stop swearing). Then he did something else obnoxious, so I took him to his money box and said "Right Mister, this is what you lose", and you know what he said:-

"I lose the greatest weight loss percentage!" (another mental note, Mr C watches too much reality tv - The Biggest Loser obviously). Apart from this being really funny and clever, it's not how I want him to talk to me.

It's to do with his lack of one on one attention, I am sure of it. He is such a good boy, he is good at school, there's no issue there. Well maybe that's where it is coming from too. I need to address this NOW. I'll sort it out. My little man.

I've had my cuppa tea and don't feel so nutty now. I just had a frustrated cry in the car about this faceless house. The dream of actually building it doesn't seem so far away, as it did 20 minutes ago.


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Here's hoping tomorrow's not a sucky day. Kids can be a bit too clever for where we think they should be at ey? I know the feeling. My son doesn't spout back the greatest weight loss percentage bit but he LOVES The Commando and is always doing pushups.

Farmers Wifey said...

Jen, should we get the boys together and they could be the black team???