May 5, 2009

Cranky mother - who me?

Things are a bit tense in the shed today. Nothing has really changed from yesterday, and I'm not even due for PMT, but I feel a bit pissed off today, the reasons being:-

1. The dog has fleas again. She never had a flea problem when we lived in town, and lately she is always scratching. We only just bathed, scrubbed and powdered her to an inch of being in a beauty pageant but she has them back.

2. I just vacumned the shed this morning (vacumning a concrete floor - quite pathetic really), and without fail the wind will gust through here this afternoon bringing all matter of dust and debris back in.

3. I am sick of saying "wolf spiders are my friend".

4. It's very hard to keep all things clean and tidy whilst living in what equates to a very bad neverending camping trip.

5. There are only so many toilet frogs I can take.

6. Our house plans are not yet finalised and I am getting to the point of my patience wearing very thin.

7. I want my house. Finished. Or friggin started.

I wrote this yesterday, but didn't post it. Today I feel much better and the weight of the world doesn't seem to sit so squarely on my shoulders. I've calmed down a bit, perhaps it has to do with the fact that Supernatural starts again tonight, I can hardly contain myself. I am so excited. My life is such a bore....


Anonymous said...

You know what I say: "When the camping trip goes bad....pull out some Hershey's, Marshmallows and Graham Crackers and have a Smores!" It will get better, I promise. When you get moved into your house, you'll look back on these posts and laugh. Or cry. :-)

Farmers Wifey said...

I pull out the wine actually!! I know you are right and that is why I am blogging so I CAN look back and think "how the heck did I get through it all!"