June 16, 2009

Stupid winter

I'm feeling a bit off today. I don't think it's PMS time, I must check the calendar about that. I don't really know why I feel like this. Possibly because:-

1 it's cold and windy outside which is making me feel lethargic
2 it's winter. I hate winter because of the above
3 I have a stupid head cold, so I feel a bit ditzy
4 I have heaps of little things to do but don't feel like doing anything
5 It's my child free day and I am pissed off that I feel like this
6 My time management skills suck

S'pose I better get off my arse and do something. Maybe I will make some muffins for the kids. Or sit at the computer all day. Now, there's a thought.....

(Yep. Just checked my calendar and I'm on cycle day 27. I should have known. In celebration of finding out why I am in this shitty mood, I have just eaten three toasted sandwiches for lunch. My hips can thank me later.)

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