June 7, 2009

Tough Farmers Wife

So I sit here @ 3.00pm having a wine because I have been to the Boyne Tannum Hookup and spent over $60.00 on the kids for lunch and rides. And they screamed and complained all the way home. That's gratitude considering how much I detest paying for jumping castles.

So two things have happened today to prove that 1) I am a cranky old woman and 2) I stick up for myself.

1) We were driving to said hookup and out of nowhere a guy drove out in front of us without giving way. I slammed on the brakes, tooted the horn, flashed my lights and tailgated this guy to the supermarket. And he was scared. Because I am in a big Defender and I have a bullbar. He parked right out of the way and didn't get out of his car until I did. Then he scampered into the supermarket before I had time to say "buddy, go back to driving school so you can learn some friggin road rules. I have kids in the car, you loser."

2) Miss T (aged 4) had one ticket left for the rides. After careful consideration, she decided on the red and yellow jumping castle, which only had one little boy on it. Without a lie, she had less than 2 minutes jumping when the woman said "okay time's up, everyone off". WTF there wasn't even any kids waiting to go on. So I said "my daughter just started her jump, she didn't have very long". The woman then let her back on for a jump more worthy of $5.00.

I have always been on the meek side when it comes to confrontations. I always think of something smart to say when the moment is over. But now when it comes to my children, or myself for that matter, I'm a bit harder and stick up for what I believe in. The Hubbster just thinks I'm a bitch. He's possibly right...


Anna Lefler said...

Greetings from one cranky old woman to another! Love your blog, too!

Thanks for offering to add me to your blogroll - I'd be honored. I'm off to add yours to mine now...

Take care and thanks again!

:-D Anna

Anonymous said...

Me too, me too!!!! Maybe it's part of hitting the 40's!

Farmers Wifey said...

Anna and Lynda, lets celebrate our crankiness!

mayberry said...

Good for you -- I am not very good at confrontation, but having kids has definitely helped me get better at it! (I practice on other little kids, like telling them to back off and let mine have a turn ;)