July 6, 2009

Doesn't anyone want work??

I decided to ring around today to get 2 more building quotes for our house. Now we absolutely love the builder who is quoting at present. He is positive, enthusiastic, smart and knows his stuff, and has experience on his side. And the best thing is he wants the job. But we need to do the correct thing and get our 3 quotes to compare prices. I am really hoping our builder of choice comes through for us, because we would feel so comfortable with him working for us.

There are pages and pages of builders and they are all (mostly) looking for work, and that is a great thing for us. Hopefully it will bring the prices down. So I am irritated and dumbfounded at what happened today, just trying to get these building quotes. Read on:-

Builder 1 - didn't bother to return my call...

Builder 2 - completely negative, can't make it out to look til the weekend, can I ring him back then. Says he is familiar with the build up to now and doesn't really think nails will go into the hardwood, could be a bit difficult. WTF this means I have no idea... I could literally feel his nose screwing up on the other side of the phone line...

Builder 3 - this one is a doozy.. so I need to write word for word. I'm having a glass of wine just to calm myself down. Yes, it's THAT GOOD..

me: hello, I saw your add (yes they advertised for work) in the paper looking for building work and I was wondering if you are interested in quoting on a build to lock up. The house has already been started, up to bearers and joists and is all inspected and approved. We have our plans in at council now...

her: right, so the house has already been started? That's unusual

me: yes it has been started, the previous owner was owner builder as are we but we want a builder to build to lock up only

her:- well, who has built what is already there?

me: why do you want to know that at this stage, I'm only seeing if you are interested?

her:- well we need to know that

me:- why do you need to know that since I am only phoning to see if you are interested in quoting?

her:- well, Stephen will want to know, he won't touch a lemon

me: feeling some steam rising from my ears..

me: how do you know it is a lemon, you haven't even seen the build?

her: well how do you know it's not? Just because it is council approved doesn't mean it's not a lemon

me: don't worry about it, I can feel alot of negativity here, goodbye.

her: foutw cghwervy wsherpivwch eivwutchec tepiotehce as I hung up the phone in her ear.

The nerve of this woman, how dare she call my house a lemon without even seeing it. All I got from this phone call was negativity, and a smart arse reply from someone who advertised for work then is completely rude on the phone. No wonder this bitch and her probably long suffering husband are having to advertise for work. Fuck.


Foursons said...

Nice. You told her in advance everything has been inspected and passes said inspection. What's her deal? And if it were a lemon, that would effect his quote. Idiot lady. I feel for ya'. At least these people are revealing their incompetencies before they get on the job site!

jeanie said...

Oh so much the way when you want to get things done sometimes, isn't it?

I came upon you through Semantically Driven (I think) and have a slight sense you may be in a similar region (about 100km away, that is close in this neck of the woods) to my mother, who had the choice of 1 local builder to quote on her home.

He stuffed around and came in with something ridiculous, and eventually she got wind that someone originally from over there was doing well in my nearby Big Smoke (which I think is your nearby Big Smoke) and asked him to do it.

Well, he is building her house RIGHT NOW, so not only cheaper (by $150G) than the other bloke, but quicker (by at least 6 months) and she couldn't be happier.

As my hubby is a bricklayer, I know there is a lot of quoting going on at present, which can be heartbreaking on the other side too.

Good luck!

jeanie said...

Oh - and btw - Mum's frames are Ironbark and Spotted Gum, so I think he would have no problems with the nails!!

Superstar said...

PHXMan and I feel your pain...We have been looking for commercial buildings for 2 months. Between city, county and anyone else who thinks they are "entitled" to a "fee"...GRRRR
Did anyone tell y'all about "impact fee's???"
Anyway, I totally understand.
Suggestion: Call an appliance company, or local Lowes/Home Depot and ask them for a referral of builders in the area. My Grandma used to sell appliances and ALWAYS had the in on the Who is WHOM in contracting!!!

mayberry said...

It drives me crazy when that happens! We once had a real estate agent who dropped us without even telling us he had -- just stopped returning our calls -- come on, do you want to SELL US A HOUSE or NOT? GrRRRR

mayberry said...

PS don't get upset by my current post where I talk about new houses and how I don't much like them :) I know there are lots of great things about them esp. when you can design and choose everything for yourself!

SK said...

What a way to "not" get work! :)

helloally said...

o m f g!!!!!!!