November 6, 2009

Blog Fart Friday/sorry Thursday

Yep. I'm still here. I haven't posted for a week so I'll do a random post to catch up on everything. I love random posts, both writing and reading them!

Our guinea babies are thriving...they have grown bigger even after one week. They are fiesty, and funny - they scramble around chasing each other, fighting over little pieces of grass, and retire underneath their mumma for their sleeptime.

On a sadder note, we lost one baby who failed to thrive. He or she was smaller than the other babies, and didn't eat but tried to keep up with the others. It was so upseting and I did have a cry when he or she died.....I buried this baby under Girlies (our beagle) tree.......

I went to the dentist on Wednesday to have my follow up treatment. You'll remember I had a bitch and a whinge about how much I hate the dentist, and how scared I was about having my two teeth extracted in the chair rather than in hospital. You can read about this here.

So I went in on Wednesday, nervous and scared. I really like this dentist, he made me feel at ease and the kind lady gave me a scented eye patch to wear so I wouldn't have to watch the horror of having my teeth removed.

But the BEST thing of all (and I keep thinking if I had known about this years ago I would be at the dentist every week) was the sedative gas they offer for scared shitless patients like me.

It was a blast, literally. You suck on this plastic contraption and it releases what I can only describe as a numbing, floaty, fucking fantastic sensation type gas that completely relaxes you. It kind of makes you want to giggle or chat up the dentist. Fortunately I only giggled.

My mask fell off at one stage onto the dentists' shoes, which kind of sent me into a cackling spasm...I didn't really have a care in the world. When my first tooth came out, I vaguely remember going "whoo hooo!". Yes pathetic and embarrassing at the same time.

But the procedure was over and out with hardly any trauma to my sanity, because of this wonderful drug. And I am totally pissed off that I wasn't allowed to take the thing home, it was wireless afterall.


Erin said...

OMG they are adorable, and how sad about that one that died! Poor little guy!

Unknown said...

hahahahahahahaha about the is probably equally as entertaining for them!

Liz Mays said...

I'm so sorry about the little one that didn't make it. I would have cried too.

However, your dentist story cracked me up!!!

Foursons said...

So funny about the dentist. I wonder if that gas is available OTC so all of us mom's can enjoy it?

jeanie said...

waah - I wish I had been offered gas - I was while in labour, and it is like a moonwalk that has NOTHING to do with what is going on with your body on earth.

helloally said...

beware copy swearing and a little of myown LOLOL
i put my hand straight up in the air as one of the "scared shitless patients" like you. and I LOVE the "numbing, floaty, fucking fantastic sensation type gas that completely relaxes you.".in fact im soo totally in love with the mask that i dont give a shit that it leaves such a telltale mark on ur face as you try to do the grocery shopping with the dribble of sideways spit that escapes before you realize and the stares of ppl pasing you by as you KNOW that they are staring at ur face with the telltale mask-mark LOLOL who gives arats at this stage ...that is until you walk in the door and look inthe mirror and go FUCK have i been seriously walking about like that lmao bcos at this stage the "numbing, floaty, fucking fantastic sensation" has totally fucked off!!! LMAOOOOO

ps awwww snif at the poor baby :( ... im pleased you buried it ... :)

Anonymous said...

You lucky dog! I'm scared shitless and that gas? Doesn't do a thing for me. So I'm way jealous that you can get high and I can't.