November 30, 2009


I'm a bad blogger. It's been over a week since I wrote, because I'm tired. So tired from working my new job. Essentially it's because I'm lazy. And now that I'm working, it's knocking the wind out of me because I'm tired. And lazy. I actually went to bed at 8.20pm last night, which even surprised me, as I am such a night owl.

I'll get into a routine. I suppose it's the time of year too, Christmas and birthdays and the crazy silly season. I have so much to do, I have a big list called "My To Do List" that I am trying to break down as I write.

But I must say that I am enjoying using that part of my brain, hidden away for the last 9 years in mother oblivion. I actually didn't even think of my kids from 10am to 2pm one day last week, because I was so engrossed in my work (sorry kids, mummy loves you). I am only working part time, and I totally take my many hats off to full time working mothers and appreciate what they are doing, because I couldn't do it.

So what else has been happening?? The baby guineas are growing fast and are nearly ready to be let out of the cage and free range with the others. And we have another missing guinea, so new babies are expected any day. We will literally have guinea fowl coming out our arses (or asses for my Americian friends). The Hubbster wants to sell the new babies, that we expect to arrive any day (and if they don't, we will say bye bye to the guinea that's been eaten by a snake/fox/hawk).

Of course, I want to keep the babies, and just have a big flock of guinea fowl on our farm. It's crazy here anyway, so whats ten more.

Toto our beagle turned 15 on Saturday. Happy birthday little one!

The kids are good. Swimming twice a day, which is great because it's so hot here, and the rain JUST WON'T COME. Damn those rain Gods, we need the rain. We topped up our tanks with bore water last week, so I'd really appreciate a cuppa tea without drinking the sludge in the bottom. Seriously.

The house is coming along fine. I have a draft with pics ready to post, and will do that hopefully tommorrow, when our internet hours are restored and I have some more energy. Don't give up on me, I will get to your fabulous blogs this week, I promise. Tired and lazy. That's me. Muah!


Anonymous said...

You can have some of our rain. In fact, take the lot! Our fields are sodden and badly need to dry up if the crop is to stand a chance.

Happy Birthday to the beagle - wow! 15 is a good age.

CJ xx

Foursons said...

I so understand going back to work and the exhaustion that ensues. It is really hard going back to that lifestyle and then coming home to kids!

Can't wait to see more construction porn too!

Liz Mays said...

I hope you're enjoying the job even though it's wearing you out!

I took 5 days off myself and LOVED it! I can't wait for a Christmas break already. :)

Looking forward to seeing the progress of the house!

jeanie said...

Isn't it nice to use your brain for non-mum stuff occasionally.

Hoping you get some good rain soon.

Jason, as himself said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by The Jason Show and for your comment. I'm happy to have a new friend from down under!

I'm glad you're enjoying your new job. I bet you'll get used to it and not be so tired.

Take care, and I'll see you around!

News From Our Nest said...

Happy Birthday Toto!!

Don't be too hard on yourself, we missed you but you deserve a break now and again of course :)

Glad to hear you are enjoying your new job!

Anonymous said...

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