December 13, 2009

Another batch of baby guineas

We awoke this morning to find a brand new batch of baby guinea fowl. Guess how many? Guess? Just guess? 15!!!!! Yes 15 new babies. We can't believe it. Our guinea fowl experiment is going exceptional well - obviously.

The Hubbster wants to sell these new ones, but I would love to keep them, but we now have 30 guineas in total, so I may have to sell some to the many people who have shown interest in buying them. Of course, they must go to good homes and I will be very vigilant in making sure this happens!

So we have had to move the six juveniles out of the cage, and they are with the rest of the flock, finding their way and getting pecked a bit, but that's what happens in the guinea world. The Hubbster and I along with some help from the kids, caught the 15 new babies and put them in the cage, with the mother, who is extremely aggressive and won't let me go near them - even to change their water or feed them.

She comes at me and attacks. The Hubbster finds this hilarious, and probably will do until I force him to feed them. Then he won't find it so funny. But the babies are gorgeous and all seem to be healthy. And that's all that matters.

Here are the teenagers....


Foursons said...

So cute. Why do people buy them though? I know you ate their eggs but are they common farm animals around there?

My weight loss journey said...

they look just like the guineas on the property we live on here. :)