January 29, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

So you're a farmers wife, does that mean you can drive a tractor?

Well, we are purchasing a tractor soon, and I am sure I will be able to drive it. I know this because I can drive (ride) a motorbike, a go cart, a tennis racket, and I drive The Hubbster crazy on a daily basis.

You like your bling then, tell us what you have.

I love gold...anything. I only wear gold or white gold and just because I feed the chooks doesn't mean I can't look chic doing it.

You don't have alot of photos of your kids on your blog. What's with that?

I have this "thing" about putting photos online....it's completely irrational and ridiculous because I adore seeing all of your gorgeous offspring....and I mean....this is a blog afterall. But, I am slowly getting better........about it.

So have the kids done anything embarrassing lately?

Ha, well I'm glad you asked. Thank God this happened at home and not in the middle of the supermarket isle like usual. My two oldest got into an authentic, full blown on the floor wrestling/headlocking fight yesterday. Over something trivial but their fuses just blew and it was on.

Miss T and I just stood there with our mouths open, and I thought to myself :-

- Do I have time to grab the video camera....this would look great on Youtube (I wouldn't really put it on Youtube...really).

- Who's winning......

- They are really going to hurt each other.

- I don't know whether to feel horrified or laugh.....

- Give me a panadol. I feel a headache coming on.

They do get on...mostly....and that's the first time they have fought like that. There was tears all round then, and they made up with a hug before bed.

If you had to kiss another woman, who would it be and why?

What the hell is this, my blog is squeaky clean... But if you really want to know, I suppose it would be Drew Barrymore. I adore her, platonically speaking of course. She is just so down to earth, and funny and talented. She would make an awesome best friend.

Anyway, you already know my heart belongs to:-

And if you missed it:-

Ah what the hell, once more...


Anonymous said...

Great post. Especially love the first question/answer! I'd love to drive our tractor (a John Deere), but hubs is a bit possessive!!

CJ xx

Jim F Loos said...

Supernatural the best show on TV

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Foursons said...

Ya' know, you're probably the smartest one of the bunch NOT posting photos of your kiddos.

CalgaryDaddy said...

Great share! Thanks for popping by my blog and commenting!


Stephanie said...

LOL Love this post! I'm also one of those worriers who doesn't put pics of her kids on her blog. And apparently I need to google this Supernatural?

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Cute answers and I love your taste in men. Thank so much for visiting my blog.
I don't like posting pics of our boys, it feels too intrusive. That sounds like quite a wrestling match with yours btw.

SabrinaT said...

Well your pictures are GREAT if you ask me... Wonderful eye candy.

I tried to drive my dad's tractor once.. and ONLY once...

helloally said...

LOL @ "i drive the hubster crazy...." rofl
we have a Daedong tractor from Monto michelle ....its reguarly worked im told well it goes missing regularly only i have yet to see it "do" something that i would like ...like the driveway...for instance ..anywaaaaaayyyyyy LOL

SK said...

So good that the new episodes of Supernatural are starting up! Dean and Sam are back. :)

Ms. G said...

Great post! I wish I had a tractor I would drive it in a tiara. And I would kiss K.D. Lang but I don't know if that would count, really I'd rather listen to her sing! I tagged you for a 10 things that make me Happy meme on my blog if you would like to join in please do!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Drew Barrymore is cute...and she's so real. I would probably kiss her, too! :)

sanjeet said...

I'd love to drive our tractor

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