April 18, 2010

Blog Help Please

I need some help from you techno nerds. And I mean that in the most friendliest of ways.

I am thinking of buying my own domain and saying adios to blogspot. Trouble is, the domain names that I want are of course already taken.

farmerswifedotcom is taken
farmerswifedotnet is taken

I could go farmerswife.net.au but I can't buy that through "settings, publishing" and I think I should go this way so my readers can be redirected.

I can go farmerswife.org. I can go farmerswifey.com, but I think I want to lose the "y".

I need your input. I need your help how to actually do this. Will my blog be lost forever? Will my blog lose readers because you won't be able to find me? How do I even begin the change?

Spill the beans people.


Suzanne said...

I'll leave the techno stuff for someone waaaay smarter than me. I can tell you that I have changed my blog name...both in blogspot and with a domain through godaddy. In fact, I'm up in the middle of the night bored, restless and thinking about it again!:-) Each time I have done it, I redirected my old blog to the new site.

One time I didn't do that because I wanted a fresh, totally new site, so I left a post saying I had moved with a link to the new blog.

As far as the name availability, that's the worst part. .com is so easy to remember for everyone so I try to stay with that if possible but it may not be. I never remember .net but I do have a number of .org sites I follow so that would be my personal 2nd choice, unless you wanted to call it afarmerswife. You do have a great name though so I hope you can keep it...and we'll find you!!!

Hope you get lots of tips and advice on how to do it exactly. I kind of just wing it so I should probably shut up NOW:-)

Anonymous said...

my blog address is "danielleandsteve.blogspot" but I outgrew it and purchased a domain name "danimezza.com" through a geeky friend who attached it to my blog. When I eventually get my photography business off the ground and need another website, i'll have my domain (my brand) and I'll still have my blog IYKWIM. Sorry I can't be much more help.

I'd consider adding "a" to the beginning like Suzanne above suggested.

Rachel said...

Just my own opinion (since I was TERRIFIED of switching to a .com and just knew I'd lose everyone) - do what you can to have it done through Blogspot. That means everyone who follows you now, will automatically be directed to your new site - no headache for you.

I've seen a couple bloggers recently who switched to Wordpress - the readers don't automatically update, so all they can do is put one final post on the Blogspot site referring to the Wordpress site. (Hate to say it, but those bloggers have complained about decreased traffic and comments).

So if you can find a .com name that works for you (I agree with adding "a" at the beginning), it would make the transition pretty painless, I think.

Only speaking from experience :) We don't want to get lost and not know where to find you!

Cheeseboy said...

I agree with everything that has been said, but I am no technical genius. Genius yes, but only in the ways of meaningless things. Add the "a" to the beginning. If that is still taken, try adding "the".

Being Me said...

What about farmers-wife.com.au? (Looks like .com is taken in that version as well) Or as suggested, afarmerswife.com.au?

They look to be the only ones still left. It's like bidding on Ebay isn't it, when you find a name and every other similar one around it is taken. I always feel compelled to buy them quickly, in case they go too!

Cassandra Frear said...

Here's a thought: You use "farm chick" on your profile. Maybe you could do something funny with that! There are all kinds of word plays that would work with it. "farmchick.net"

or you could try "farmerswifebling" since you still like your bling. I think that would be funny.

But then, I'm not very good at being funny. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

Foursons said...

My input: What Rachel said. Yup, I concur.

Posh Totty said...

If you intend doing this yourself, be warned it is not easy ... however that said, I managed it all by myself, but not with out a few hours of stressing and incredibly fowl language lol.

I went from poshtottyspalace.blogspot.com

Its tricky but can be done with out losing any readers, you can set it so that anyone using the blog spot url gets diverted to your new one.

Good Luck Xxx

Ro said...

Good luck with whichever you choose!

dusty earth mother said...

i just purchased my own domain and am thoroughly happy with my move, so I like what cassandra suggested, farmerswifebling.com. Do you like that one? Seems fun and easy to remember.

Melissa B. said...

What about FarmWife.com? Or the .org is certainly an option. I do agree with your other visitors...try to do it through Blogger. MUCH less of a hassle!

Superstar said...

What about putting "the" before it? I was shocked to think no one else suggested an "article".
I like the sound of it...

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I like farmerswifey.com but you go with whatever you want!


Farmers Wifey said...

Ha, that's what I was thinking too, I am just checking with my blog designer that I can change my header...as I really want a dotcom address...and The Hubbster calls me wifey and has for a number of years....

thefarmerswife and afarmerswife are taken and farmwife is a dating agency.....thanks so much everyone for your help..I appreciate it so much xxx

Posh Totty said...

Thanks for your message on my blog,
If you email me at poshtottyspalace at gmail dot com I will let you know more details and which domain host I used :O) Xxx

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