May 12, 2010

The Money Pit, lets get back into it.

We have finally restarted building the house. It's been several months at a stand still for various reasons including:-

- visitors from interstate on two occasions
- school holidays
- my work and study
- focus on buying a tractor so we can slash all of our long grass on the farm caused by
- tonne and tonnes of rain preventing us from doing our exterior painting
- time and time restraints caused by
- the kids extra activities being football and dancing......and the list goes on.

So I am excited to write that we are back into it!

The last thing we did was the deck which we painstackingly oiled....way back at the end of January and what month is it now - yes it's May. So we are well overdue with the exterior painting.

The Hubbster has started to sand and prime the posts in a cute shade of pink, ready for the final coat - white above the deck and woodland grey underneath.

I"ve also been doing a bit of DIY - I'm really good at it. I should have my own show. I'd call it

Farmers Wifey Fixes Things.

These are our crappy drawers made of chipboard which when they are not falling apart, usually hold the kids clothes.

We bought these temporary cupboards to use in the shed until we moved into the house, where each bedroom will have beautiful, strong walk in robes with shelving made from hardwood. Which will not break, even when I climb them which I have been know to do.

So I glued all of the drawers back together the other day, using the following tools of the trade. See how I have utilised the things we have in our shed to hold the drawers in place! See, I really should have my own show.


Cheeseboy said...

Looks like some fun, intense projects you'll be involved in. I want a tractor too, just so I can sing that "She thinks my tractor's sexy" song to my wife.

Anonymous said...

absolutely! you are so marketable
go for it - have your own show :)

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Hey. I'd watch it! :)

Unknown said...

That's awesome. I have always wanted to make things. Hope you're having a good time...:)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

You're very handy with the old DIY! Wish I could be like that.

paige said...

Well done, you!

Foursons said...

I was just wondering about your house the other day. I'm so glad you are able to read my mind through computers and across oceans. :) And yes, you should totally have your own show. And use those funny curse words too.

Kelly said...

It mut be challenging trying to renovate and live in the same place. My siter has been doing that for 10 years!

Liz Mays said...

I remember the frequent updates before. It's nice to know that things are back in action. I didn't realize you had the skills too! Awesome!

GypsyFox said...

I LOVE the title to your blog & I must say a little jealous that you get to be on a fram :) it's always been my dream & your house is looking nice, I love everything about remodeling & DIY..can't wait to see more!

Ms. G said...

Good Work on the particle board, I have fouind it to be the enemy! I can't wait to see your finished product. Painting the house was a family activity we engaged in last summer!

Kakka said...

I hate those fall apart drawers - lost count of the times we had to re-glue them back together. You do indeed deserve your own show - LOL. xxx

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